A highlight from Ep 220: F Dem Kids (Ft. Eboni K. Williams)


And he's gone long time to be a miami fouls as far as your branding. The email from dolly. That was like everybody wants to come on the show. Is there another ebony. No but i've been stalking me. But you know what i guess. That's what you think. People are right right for always blessing those covers. Wheezy those books those covers. I was just like damn. I wish that dryers run dads i. Did you know like certain people. We still want them to feel comfortable. Even though we will make you feel uncomfortable. I was like okay. Well here's the way we're gonna go about this so that i don't have to ask ebony if she eats her toes. Which one do you do. I just wanted to but also if you had to pick here we got you rather eat ass or suck so suck toes really really you have all. That is even hard to me. Oh man field theory actually trying to i. I would prefer that. They're both that they both would be washed. I was gonna say. I the please. The toes are washed. You said mantos. It's different than will let you do. Give hetero but you you give me. I made out with a girl in college for sure but a lot of people told me that i was giving them power lesbian. Oh you don't get any power lesbian. I mean i'm not a whole. Lgbtq community love. Y'all but a lot of people get super powerless being. I even like how she said. It's it's just a meaner holland on how you actually like a relaxed lesbian pillow. Pillow up a pillow. The i actually don't really care for heads. So i'm i'm i'm the one who eats everyone in the bed whether you're a worker bee at me. I'm never pillow princess. I do want to say I am already by the decision. Horrible this is just say. However i am a little envious of you and your before the cameras cut on. I was like i'm so jealous. Ebony you just looked like a wife. And i feel like though we swear. She don't really like oh. She thinks she lived be material. But then you come in and we're like no we look like the hose and you look now know either. Y'all been married. No okay so no so. I'm going to tell you. i think i'm older a little bit than both of you. So let me give you awesome given him a ring. Pop real gems. I have been british mandy. I bring pop. I did Ways show way her showtime show in nasty. She gave us ring pops in her swag bag. I love that. So i have a ring pop for usage. No ring positive yourself chose she goes to me. She proposed with the ring pop ring younger but they kelly price. If you wanna say auntie age no. I'm on the. She says we don't know about that. Kelly price he proposed to me. Maybe you weren't in the right cadence. Keep oh maybe though. I can't we have to do me like that man to what wives and we'll hose look like by the way. Just relax talking to the mike. You don't have to have a good boy and hey look quality. Come join us have media studios in down all okay. I was a little different setup. So i was briefly married in my late twenties Don't worry about it in out. Within a year i call it my start amount. This is what i will start sure. Any successful marriage requires ali from my experience. A lot of sex so if you're projecting an aesthetic ladies please pay attention. Keep this says the you are squeamish about sex prudish about sex. You actually are not looking to be a wife. You're looking to be a omega. So just get that out your mind. There's a misconception at. I think it's also generational like when you're young. You think that like oh. Let me look buttoned up and polished. Bet should look wi fi. No men want their wives to fuck them. That is like a part wifely duties right. So part of it don't ever ever ever stop having sex in your mail. Just let me ask you. Then why you think and of course i. I already had the conversation where i believe steve. Harvey ruined dating for a lot of our generation in saying that in order to be seen as wifey material or girlfriend material. Even you should hold out and not have sex. But you're saying the complete opposite and as a woman. So i wanna know. I think it's six one hand half a dozen other. I think what. I got from steve harvey and i don't think anybody here like takes advice from steve. Let's be clear you think they i said in here let me clear. Sit here think really believe in. I don't believe in sex without monogamy. But once i decided i want to be with you. So it's a double standard. Oh so is this story okay. So this was with my ex fianc. It is all we we you mama now fitted no listen. This is a true story told the story. I think one other time in public but here. I don't think anybody hurt is so here. We go everybody go here now so we had been dating. Maybe two months we probably gone on six or seven actual dates dinners knicks games. It was cool. It was the vibe money. Okay so. I wasn't sure if there was a lot of physical attraction until three or four and then we started kissing. I'm like okay. Maybe sometime so fast forward date number. I decided that i needed to figure out what was going to be like. Because i don't wanna fall in love with somebody. I'm not sexually compatible with a judge. Judy a horrific one. So i'll aids with a hard age forfeit. So we do the deed. It was great the deed all right ebony legal deed yup up. We had secured a deep. No we're going to be trying to do. He did the thing. We had a little sexcapades and it was. It was absolutely good only to get better because that's my experience. If the sex starts good it's gonna only go to great. I've never had a sexual experience. We regressed like we always know bitch. I have to tell him. The sex ain't even clearly. I like you because you're sex is not giving what it was given what it was what it was. Sometimes people get lazy women do something about it. Well how many guy friends we've had or someone of do this anymore. I'm not gonna do. I'll make yeah. But i'm not gonna go from licking the balls didn't saying i'm not gonna look the balls anymore. I think that's false advertising. I don't believe in that. Whatever i start in fact i start at a lower quadrant about oh i say game and then 'cause as women we expect a game for men but you're saying your first game i'm not really i'm not getting no no you work your way up to that because by saying you don't even dick name and not the first time we sleep together. No you don't owe oughta go off the but she told them. Do you expect to get eaten out on the first one. not necessarily. I feel like most guys do that though to get you to because we expect them to game back to the store into we're so we have sex. We fuck man bitchy end. Okay now getting out of and then unlike so by the way you ever wanna do that again which i also enjoyed. He was still finishing so he was just like really like on. I was like We go together period point blank industry go together. When exclusive monogamous relationship otherwise. Continue to see other people. And i can't do but then that part of our relationship is not going to be on the table and that's how we ended up in a relationship. That's how you began rings bitch. Damn i can't second dick. So don't

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