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Listen you guys know how much i love justin bobby. He's the most normal dude on the frequent show going to go ahead and say it all right. He's just the most even keeled rational dude. Does he make some questionable fashion choices. Maybe but other than that man. He is just steady eddie when it comes to shell. It's almost like he shouldn't be on the show like he's to normal for the show. Which is why. I'm so excited to have him on. This show today to break down episode two of the hills new beginnings. I will say i. I was skeptical as to how well season tuesday dude. Because i didn't love season one but we're off to a roaring start dude episode. One was fantastic. Second one pretty good. Y'all adrina going on a second date with fricken rod stewart's son who where this guy come from. We meet brody's new girlfriend. I mean like where did this girl come from. We go to brandon thousand realize the man can make a mean shirk uteri board. This guy's picnic. Life by the way whitney comes back into the fold where she been wallers. Get super personal with having baby number two. We realized that brody's mom is a national treasure and she must be preserved at all costs. We are nothing new about heidi because we all knew that she couldn't cook. And we realized that of all the people who have stopped drinking or gone to rehab on this show the to the probably need it. Most are still very much drinking in heidi and spencer. There is so much to break down in this episode. And i'm so excited to had the voice of reason the normal dude who's going to teach me how to apply some guy liner today. Justin bobby and don't forget at the end of the interview. We're going to have khloe from siesta key. Come on. we'll do a quick rundown with her about last night's episode is well. It's all coming up right here on the hills

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