A highlight from Part 2:Richcard Migliore,Ken Mcpeek ,Nick Tammaro,


We're back little bit Past the the top of the hour and time that perfectly in terms of Walking from the track apron by the belmont cafe our long standing broadcast position. Here belmont to the men's room and then back just takes took exactly with literally exactly The time of the break So we'll probably have one more of those in our to got the nick tomorrow going to join us. He's on his way to lone star park. And of course. It's steve sexton mild day. You've got the great ones at santa. Anita which should be terrific. They've got the it's funny. The momentum built all the weekend in california. Saturday was a little was a little lean We'll go over some results Next hour and then yesterday Things picked up and then today they got a very good card so Lots of lots of steaks action. The all american that Golden gate well Today and right here. At belmont new york showcase day which will be presented on fox on america's day at the races enrichment has got the late shift today and he joins us now otherwise he'd be sitting across from me meg. Good morning. happy Happy weekend and i wish you were here. Yeah me too. If i was on earlier definitely would have been there face to face in person First thing though You know happy memorial day and just thank you. All of the veterans that served our country So selflessly bravely over the years. I can't thank them enough. Exactly i talked about you know i. I've taken annually now. Memorial data point out the The four chaplains stone Here at belmont. And i've never been able to discern you know who specifically reached out to naira whenever time when it was placed and and You know there is the foundation but it that whatever day it was that i i walked over to the stone after walking past it for years and looked at it and and it was the first time i became aware of of the four chaplains story. And it's amazing. And it's a very quiet little memorial here that the sits on the grounds. Yeah

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