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York City mayor could take shape by the end of today, as the city holds its primary. New Yorkers who did not cast the ballot before the end of early voting on Sunday, can go to the polls today to decide party nominees for Mayor 13 Democrats are vying for the office. The city will use what's called ranked choice, voting to decide. Allowing voters to rank their top five candidates. Second or third choices could influence the outcome. But all votes will need to be counted before winter could be decided. Perhaps after Election Day, Only two Republicans are running so ranked choice will not be needed. The winners will meet in November to become New York City's 110th Mayor. Gurnal Scott Fox News name, Image and Likeness rights will be a topic of discussion for N C. Double a officials today. Fox's Metropolitano six division One conferences, including the SEC impact, 12 are urging the CW to implement a stopgap measure that would allow college athletes to earn money off their fame division. One council will meet today to discuss an L writes, allowing student athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness amid a push for federal guidelines on such rights, as 19 States currently have legislation in place set to take effect as early as next month, allowing for athlete compensation. Becoming a discussion earlier this month in a Senate Commerce Committee hearing or in a position where we have to do something, but what we do is still Point of discussion. South Dakota Senator John Thune. This D one council meeting coming after the U. S Supreme Court ruled yesterday that NC double camps on certain education related compensation for student athletes were in violation of antitrust law. Matt Napolitano. Fox News Tropical Storm Claudette, blamed for 14 deaths over the weekend now headed out to sea no longer a threat to the U. S mainland. Forecasters now keeping an eye on another disturbance of the northeast coast of Africa, with the potential to become a tropical storm. I'm Chris DiMeo. This is Fox News. Don't miss epic specials at Macy's today only like incredible

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