A highlight from June 15th: News Roundup HR 2


Eleven and under can make a personal choice to wear a facial covering and isn't that the way it should be as we flip the script now on mask shaming was back in the day and the days of the pandemic. If you weren't wearing a mask well. You were subjected to all types of vitriol and well side. I and now that seems to be the case for many who choose to wear a mask know. We don't always have to voice our opinions. It's freedom of choice at this point in time because you remember. It was a while back. That governor jared polis said that mask wearing is no longer a recommendation. It's just a suggestion so to each their own. At least that's how i feel about it. How 'bout you nine seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text on our thirteen ten. Kfi a text line. And as referenced by dr pilch during our conversation yesterday when it comes to that personal choice to wear a mask that choice will continue to be respected and supported by district six. It should be social distancing by the way in greeley evans school district. Sex is still encourage now the district's amendment to its previous policy. Which in fact did require masks for everyone in all district. Buildings comes following lengthy discussion By the seven person board of education on. Monday afternoon This during a work session. You have board president. Michael matthews making the announcement at the beginning of the boards of business meeting early monday evening. Saying we're excited to tell. Our students and parents and teachers This great news took us an hour deliberation to come to the decision. And we're excited. What that means for the school district. Moving forward down during the work session monday afternoon. Superintendent pilch told. The board weld county's positivity rate is one hundred and thirty seven cases per one hundred thousand residents the seven day positivity rate for greeley and the evans area is three point one three percent and three point eight two percent for the county as whole pilch went on to say the positivity rate is favourable that we're seeing less virus in the community and in the county. We are seeing some questions on kids being required to wear masks now that the public health order no longer requires it especially for kids. Eleven years of age and under. We're seeing some impact in summer school with families who don't want to send their kids to

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