San Jose, CHP And Auto Mall Parkway discussed on The Ben Shapiro Show


Taking a look at KSFO traffic, starting with a grass fire in Venetian art beyond 6 80 before Marsh View Road, the CHP and fire crews are on the scene there blocking the right lane. That's causing the delay starting at parish Road in San Jose, a two vehicle wreck In the left lane south on 87 before Capitol Expressway. Also in San Jose, closed until three o'clock is the connector ramp from CBS 6 82 North. Um, 11 crews are doing emergency roadwork, and that's causing a backup. Starting at Jackson Avenue, Pleasanton. Watch out. There's a couch in the right lane on north down 6 80 before Bernal. Caltrain sweepers are in the right lane through San Leandro on South, Um 8 80 last seen between Davis Street and 2 38. Also in free month, there's a ladder blocking the two right lanes North down 6 80 at Auto Mall Parkway heading to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge. Dortmund 11 is crawling from Cesar Chavez onto the Skyway. It's about a 37 minute trip. Across the span to the toll flats with KSFO traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Pros like you start the morning at Lowe's and take advantage of exclusive services just for pros. That means you don't just get nails. You

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