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Hey folks this is. The jim brock. Meyer podcast i'm your host former major league baseball announcer and a man for the past. Two months has had a blood alcohol level that perfectly match jacob degrom cra. I'm jim brag. Meyer point five eight by the way i'm joined yet again but my co host and producer sheena dot. Hello there's you know. Hey brock meyer. Shuna machine of the mlb sticky stuff enforcement has begun. It sure has and boy. Oh boy has it been awkward. It really really has been. I mean i've kind of feel the worst for the umpires. It's degrading enough knowing that everybody's talking about how you going to be replaced by robots as soon as possible but now you have to spend the twilight of your profession publicly running your hands through max scherzer sweaty hair. What did they think. He was doing hiding sticky stuff in his hair. I mean i guess but that's obviously ridiculous. Any adult man with his hair thinning. Like max scherzer is not gonna be combing. His head was spider attack. I mean every hair follicle is much too valuable. I bet he doesn't even let scotch tape near the crown of his head. I doesn't even have enough hair to hide anything. And i understand if shire's took off his hat and suddenly had morrisey pompadour onto there but that was not the case. Clearly the incident the gummy the most though my goodness was sergio romo. Did you see that. Yeah i saw that. The trump wanted to check his belt for substances and he dropped his pants. No he angrily dropped his pants. I mean full-on pants around the knees haven't seen somebody angrily strip on a baseball field that quickly since last time i wanna bet with boob shembe i yeah i understand why of course roma would be angry. Well of course. I mean you suspected cheating so to prove you're not you're made to strip down. I mean it's degrading and it happened in well. Most of my riessen relationships really. What were they checking you for. Oh you the usual hickeys. New smells mysterious rashes. Panter pine tar. Yeah you know just to up my spin ray. Little bit your spin. Rate of. What brock meyer. Yeah she interviews sake. I'm not going to get into the visual details of that one. I'm going to get on with the show. Well we have some very very special guest today. The people who are extremely important to me not only did they make this show. They listening to happen. They're also the host of the dan. Lebatardshow was to god's ladies and gentlemen. I give to you dan le batard and he just happens to be with stugatz. Welcome gentlemen thank you. Jim no no thank you. What a pleasure to have you both here. I really wholeheartedly mean this. When i say that you were the first names on my list. Ham on this podcast. The minute we found out that colin cowherd wouldn't do it. You guys. I mean the moment. I realized that we've been ghosted by the heard. I just had to have you both on. I do understand why he bay. I don't know if you guys do. But i just said so. Many negative things about colin coward over the years. Each just has too much self respect to help me out now but but thankfully you guys do not so. Welcome thank you. You don't need but you definitely don't need to respond. I'm perfectly happy just to have you here as props. And i just keep talking. That's what i tell. That's my entire role. I just feel more secure when people around. So don't feel the need to say anything at all. But i want to say to you first off. Congratulations on everything that you've accomplished since leaving. Espn specifically getting me to do a podcast. What a big get that was for you getting me to help you guys out. At the time. I agreed to do this. Show this podcast. You guys had just left disney and dan you in particular. We're talking just a million miles an hour about all the possibilities for the future and all the big plans you had and to be honest dan. I assumed you're in the middle of a manic episode. So i would have agreed to do whatever you wanted. Just to keep you away from sharp objects are you all right. Have you cut yourself. Have you hurt yourself or anybody else how you doing. It was the blow jim. It was the blow it wasn't a madagascar soda was actually cocaine. It speeds everything up. Are you often calmed down with it. He settling in what. It's an occasional deli. I still got to see all right is he did he. Did he hurt anybody himself you anybody. Is he doing all right. He's doing okay. And it's not the occasional dalliance for me to know sure you get more consistently i'm on it now. I guess you don't get very talkative when you're usually on the know before i started this podcast i listen to you guys show a lot and i would consistently thinking to myself. You know i could do this. This is very easy with these guys. Are doing this. Sit around talk out there. Ask for a couple of hours. I mean you mentioned sports once or twice so it seems like there's a purpose other than your own self-aggrandizement i mean seemed like no problem to me. What you guys do. And i have to say after. Admit the now that i've been doing this for a little while. I have to say that. I was exactly right. This is ridiculously easy. What you do and the fact that you get paid to do it as an embarrassment and not just for you but for society. What society places value on jenner. So my question to you is and he goes with yourself comfortably a lucrative shiftless lazy or freeloaders which meet the more accurately describes. Each is all of the above an option. Sure i would've said stu gods more the obvious freeloader. Dan seems kinda shiftless. And mike ryan the producer. He's ken lazy. He seems lazy to me because he always just winds returns just any actual work. You notice that he always like that with you. Cast to were just with me. Lazy is a description. I would use for mike ryan. I don't know what it is that you have found lazy us whining though i mean whining yeah whimpering whining but not lazy all right. Well i'm just saying because when he when as actual work to do like a siren coming down broadway. But i guess he does do it. I guess lazy annoying wishes comb annoying. Okay all right. Well a dan. I want to talk to you about striking out on your own. I wanted to talk to you about that but it turns out. You've been hammering so much about that on your show about that. Very topic you actually. You actually issued a message to your fans apologizing. We're getting kind of annoyed. Your gambling is that right. Did you do that. That is something that happened. yes i was. I was manic. I would say that's an accurate appraisal was right but you haven't cut yourself or anybody else. The apology was hammering. No right the apology was also yet. We're supposed to say that. It was cowardly dan because a real sports radio host. Never i mean. Never apologizes for his hammering. Yemen's your job but trip puts it puts jams on the table. I mean if fans don't like something you're yam ring about. Actually i was saying about this. Aphorism is about that. I do not It's tough shit. That's my aphorism. I mean they can go back to being alone with their thoughts like the losers they are. That's how i feel about it. They don't like my amri. That got a little too dark didn't it. It really did but you started at me cutting myself and others. So i suppose darkness is part of the playbook with brock meyer. Yeah i guess. It is as dark as ed is. And how awkward in semi not funny as it was. It's not as bad as apologizing for. Can you let me think. Mike francesa ever apologized for his hammering. Do you think he did that. Note or apologized in general for anything. I don't believe he did. I no way probably wanted to. But then he fell asleep but people being annoyed by him only makes his power stronger. Same with stugatz stugatz. Have you ever apologized for your hammering. Even on that in twenty years. No jim i have never done that and i don't plan on doing so we do it another twenty years very good. I admit there was one particularly awful season for the royals. In the early two thousands. I spent an entire game just saying gibberish in an attempt to find something that rams with chuck knob block and people were furious but i did not apologize for that and it didn't work out to most of my stuff. The words i

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