Spoons (MM #3742)


The Maison with Kevin Nation. Today is Father's day, and I'm going down a rabbit hole, thinking back to my younger days growing up, when we go out on, Father's Day to Baskin-Robbins, have some ice cream. And the one thing that always drove me crazy, if I didn't get a cone, if I got a cup or a Sunday or something, is they always wanted to give you one of those little teeny tiny plastic spoons and not the big long spoon. Some people call the Sun a spoon, some people call it an iced tea spoon. I just call it the big long spoon, you know, the big long thin spoon, with a handle that's about what, three or four inches long. And I thought to myself to this day, I still have a problem with ice cream places, giving me a short spoon. I know it's kind of weird association with Father's day, but it's kind of true. I don't know when I graduated up to the big spoon, the Sunday spoon, the ice tea spoon, whatever it was, we got a bunch of them in our silverware drawer and that's my preferred spoon, no matter what. For some reason, song ice cream places want to give you the short spoon drives me crazy. Maybe it's cuz they have big hands. Well I don't know why spoons in general not something. I thought it'd be talking about on Father's Day and how much it's got to do with Dad, your guess is about as good as mine dead.

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