Why Is Joblessness Higher Among Black and Hispanic Workers?


Yes. Voting rights is on the agenda today in the senate a try by that body to begin to bid on what congressional democrats say is their biggest priority. But we direct your attention on this tuesday to the other side of the rotunda and a hearing by the house select subcommittee on the coronavirus crisis guest of honor. One home powell there was the usual potpourri of congressional questions for the fed chair and his usual catalogue of answers in his remarks though. True paul did take pains to point out that the worst of the corona recession has fallen mostly on black and hispanic americans noting specifically how their unemployment rate is still disproportionately high marketplace's. Nancy marshall. Genzer gets us going with a look into that. The overall unemployment rate for may was five point. Eight percent the rate for hispanic workers was more than a percentage point above that for black workers more than three percentage points higher. And so it's like well. Why is that. Kristen brody's economist at the brookings institution. I think much of it is is structural racism When you think about who was able to get vaccinated i it was people that had broadband who probably head jobs. Brody says. people of color may have less access to training and education or employers discriminate against job applicants because of their race. Rebecca given who teaches labor studies at rutgers. University says it's also the ability to live in a place with good transportation quality housing access to affordable childcare if you don't have housing transportation or childcare. It's hard to work. Also given says black and hispanic workers are more likely to have low paid service positions and some of those jobs were automated during the pandemic tulane university economist. Gary hoover says we won't see those jobs again remember There was a time when we had elevator. Operators that's a job. Once it left it never came back and never will who says it could take more than four years for the unemployment rate for black and hispanic workers to get back to where it was before the pandemic which even then was higher than the overall jobless

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