Interview With Jeff Devlin, Host of Stone House Revival


Welcome to around the house or their achieved caroline be. We've got a fun episode ahead. we've got my friend. Jeff devlin stonehouse revival. Welcome to around the house my friend. Hey how we doing good brother good so good to hear your voice man. It feels like it was. It's been a decade since we've seen each other but it's a little over a year right so think about it. I call you know we. We talk about your dog years being like ten years back kobe years or one year seems like ten years against the whole thing. It seems like so crazy that you know everything. Shut down the way. Shut down and people not as much getting face to face now. We're all like let's talk. Let's let's you know go here. Let's go do this where all. I'm almost tired of seeing people when i saw you. It was like day of the day of crashing for the cove stuff shutting down. Because i was over there for that trade. Show in your neck of the woods. And you're up to see me. And i appreciate that and the next day we did the show and i got out of there the next day and all of a sudden i get a text at the hotels closing and the casinos closing in better. Get to the airport. It was literally felt. Like i was running with the explosion behind me in the movie. You trying to get to the airport. It was it was crazy. And you know what's weird is when it first happened. It was weird in that. In my opinion it was weird. Because i think i wanted a little bit of a break so kobe was almost like an excuse. It was like ok cool. We get a weekend off here. We can catch up. You know but you're just thinking it's going to be one weekend off in all is good and the whole term. Be careful what you wish for. It's so true because then the next thing you know you're like way we're gonna i'm a month in and this isn't lightning up. This isn't doing this and then i'm like wow okay.

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