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We're going to be chesimard whistle. He's performance purpose coach and the founder of foot cross take flights into him about burnout. Breath work in cobalt therapy. I've experienced out a couple of times. Actually i think when i reflect on why which i think is a good place to start. I have the top of personalities. Hyper chievo to get things done which comes from various places personality or bringing etc but it led me to live in a lifestyle which felt like i had my foot all the way down on the on the gas pedal but also on the break at the same time and just never having a break and it just built up overtime day by day by week month by month and you gradually become accustomed to this lifestyle which is just over walking. Your body nonstop But you don't think there's anything wrong with it because you've just slowly over time and and i eventually had a Sposa collapse actually in kings or station. I felt like i had at chase ironic as i'm looking at my computer but if when you have a million tops in on your web browser which i always to columbus organised felt like that you know and it just shuts down and it forces itself to quit That's what happened and it was a big wake-up cohen itam to reassess. While i was doing my life. What is going to happen to the station. So what exactly happened was i felt. I felt a bit strange at felt particularly tired. More than more than usual like a couple of days beforehand then stood up and i felt really lightheaded and it and it was very. It was very odd. Never felt this before is really rare for me to fill out so noticed immediately and then and then yet shutdown fading and i kind of i didn't i didn't collapse like smashed into the flow by went down so one one in just like couldn't really see oh. My hearing went radio already quiet and took a couple of minutes to come round the know just so and sat on one of the aside and then i had another incident a couple of days lights because of course there's a high achiever didn't listen to my body. I on round and the second song was hyman. And then i and then. I went to to the gp. And i said yeah you're experiencing so severe now and you need to take a break. We you surprised when your doctor said the it was. burn out. All what you kind of like no this makes sense like it definitely adds up. I was actually relieved because my my mom had a brain schumer six. I think at the time it was maybe six or seven years previous. i immediately went so ask scenario. Shit this is gonna be the same as i. Because i'd watch my mom have periods of cottam memory lap soul or moments like this shaving once in the car and She picked me up from the apple. And i had to grab the way at him. Put her into the hot show because she had this moment of while i felt so i just made it thought the west so yeah. It was the lucky you agenda at the time. If you don't mind my asking and job. Wise jessica question. So i was working in the city extremely high pressure the kind of snake pit. Typical chasing money Corporate environment. And i hate to number one so energetically wasn't positive about what i was doing today. I was building my business which i work fulltime on. Now take flight. So i was trying to balance the two things at once. I'd also just moved out of london. My wife was four or five months pregnant and that was a load of other stuff going on saws kind of to some very heavy place order ones so once he diagnosed and you figured out what was going on. What was the next step. Will you able to actually take a step back or did you kind of continue pushing yourself too hard. Yeah what happened. Was i had to because like i. Actually from that moment on. He was strange. The moment is she stopped. That my buddy buddy. Completely shut down and i was a point where i actually couldn't go if the cipher for outside three or four weeks even walk into the kitchen felt difficult which was so strange given the odd in the gym most days and charging around so meetings bats about coffee millions all over the city literally a couple of days after this incident. I was australian to get from my living room to the kitchen. So the i was. I was forced to stop and slow down and i went through an intense period of recovery of during that month of completely switching. My phone off. Deleting oh my my phone apps because i think a just iva stimulate my brian and always just sleeping a lot of the day. I fell back on the practices. That i know what for people who i coach now and and the odd us with my life but kind of for that period meditation coach house breath wa etc I actually look back on it quite fondly having that period just to completely recover

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