The Haunting of Pfister Hotel

Haunted Places


Celeste sped up trying to outpace her mother as they walked through the opulent lobby of the pfister hotel. The night had been going fine until she mentioned. Celeste boyfriend daniel. Her mom launched into a tirade that he was going nowhere and not good enough for her. Now all celeste wanted was to pack and catch the first plane out of milwaukee as she approached the grand staircase for mom called out to her. Celeste spun around and put her hands on her hips. She told her mother that she didn't want to hear it. Celeste was tired of her expectations if her mom at screwed up her own life. That was her problem. It didn't give her the right to control everyone else. So less words rang through the empty lobby but her mom didn't respond. Celeste realize that her mother's face had gone white and she was trembling. Celeste harp plummeted. She'd gone too far. She'd been angry but she hadn't meant to hurt her mother like that. Celeste started to apologize but her mom cut her off racing shaking finger to point toward the stairs. Celeste turned and saw women's standing behind her. She wore an old fashioned dress with the bodice of blue lace for wide skirt in long black hair billowed out around here as though blown by an unseen wind. Her eyes were wide with and your arms flailed wildly as though she'd lost her balance but it wasn't the woman's appearance that made celeste blood. Run cold it was the fact that she fluted three feet off the ground.

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