Marc Jacobs Runway Sets Bergdorf Goodman as Exclusive Retail Partner

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Jacobs is partnering with bergdorf goodman as the designers exclusive retail partner. So marc jacobs skipped the past two seasons of showing a collection which is significant. He presented his fall collection at the new york public library and projected the runway show on the building of bergdorf goodman on fifth avenue simultaneously which is pretty dope. It marks the beginning of a partnership between the designer and a store. Just a new iteration with that. Because he's been a part of that store for a long time bergdorf goodman will be the exclusive retailer to sell his runway collection. This fall it will be in stores and online and october jacobs said that the store has been a supporter of his since the mid nineteen ninety s the bergdorf goodman fashion director. Linda fargo said quote. I think we've had him at bergdorf since the mid nineteen ninety s. And as far as i'm concerned he's as much a part of the fabric of the store as the main floor chandelier adorable compliment to be compared to a lamp. I may add like you all sparkley. You are part of this building. The collection will not be available in jacob's own stores. That's this significant like they are the exclusive partner. His stores will only feature his contemporary. The marc jacobs line his street. Where line haven or his off price

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