Interview With Mignon From Tyler Perry's Sistas

Black Girl Nerds


Welcome to the bloggers podcast. I'm your host ryan. Today is all about that girl chair all about needing a good group of friends with you though sisters with you because of the season three of sisters are premiering but a time you listened to this episode actual date is june ninth on bt eh. You know you need. That friend is going to always be honest with you no matter what no matter where you at also could do a background check on social media like we know f. Somebody's man some time out here so my guest today knows a little bit about that. Many on is joining me today. Mignon how you doing. How's everything going how you feel. Y'all i'm good answer. I'm doing pretty good. I have to say. I can't complain. That was my dog yawning background. He loves to make noise people. But what kind of guy either. A spoiled rotten bijon white board o though it is oh goodness told him today. He got some white male privilege because he the boy to so my new every joe white privilege so there is Let's see we know we gotta have little doggy. Yawn on the on the podcast. Good it works. It works

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