A highlight from June 21st: Patty Olinger HR 1


All right first things first all dads out there. I had a great father's day. Miss my dad's so much on lost him just two three years ago and again he was my slayer of dragons and dough boy the patients. I actually apologized to my parents. Because let's just say. I was a little bit of a handful from time to time particularly during those angst ridden teenage years. But to all you dads Thank you for your patience. Thank you for teaching us the things that we needed to know. And thanks for being there. And i hope you as a dad had a great father's day six. Oh eight now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi a dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail from the auto collision specialists studios all right. Let's see last week. You had Southwest airlines grounding planes cancelling of five hundred flights amid this computer glitch. Well this week. It's american airlines. Turn but for a different reason. American said it canceled hundreds of flights. Just this past weekend. So if you're flying american i would that you might want to check on the status of your flight as once scan. American airlines saying canceled hundreds of flights this weekend due to staff shortages natan aunts and well that catch-all known as air quotes other issues closed air quote challenges facing the carriers travel demand surges toward pre pandemic levels. Are you comfortable getting back on a flight. I think the scariest part is the fisticuffs that are breaking out with increasing frequency as you've got The mask versus the maskless. Of course Mask regulation still in effect on major carriers. But you got people dukhan it out. Remember that story about that. I think it was a woman that punched a southwest airlines flight attendant in the face. Come on people and you want to have that lovely drink trolley just truck and down the aisle no after all of the altercations and all of the umbrage and the volatility on flights. And i'm not talking about you know uncertain weather conditions or maintenance problems mechanical problems now. It's people problems. Is it any wonder that any number of airlines have said no. We're not serving you alcohol. Forget about it but are you comfortable getting back on a flight. That is if that flight indeed as is the case with american airlines is flying as scheduled. You had about six per cent of the airlines. Mainline schedule this according to a piece out of cnbc. A hundred and eighty flights Just abruptly cancelled on sunday.

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