A highlight from A not so lost mine and a Dungeness bay, Oregon murder mystery .


Rusty was at her side then he was up the trail tail wagging waiting for her to catch up but what she got to the top of the blood she could see. The gravel. parking area was empty. She walked around to the front of the building. Sauce slip of paper rolled up and stuck under the handle of the shop back. alex left. She pulled it out thinking that it was a notice. Some kind he'd love for her wadded up. After reading it read the words. Get out through it on the ground like we did have company. Rusty rusty looked around and followed her up the steps to apartment but she didn't enter. Sit down the wood platform. Rusty came lay next door. You know. I think someone doesn't want us to stick around. She pushed a stand walked into her apartment leaving the door open and tried to shake a feeling of melancholy. Just may be. Ned branch was right and she should move back to the monterey peninsula but she shook it off decided on a hearty breakfast instead thinking she probably just needed some protein three eggs since many pieces of bacon and she was feeling optimistic about her decision to condescension a spe. The shop vac work wonders on the floor but was too clumsy for the nooks between bottles and boxes of herbs which he really needed with some kind of hand back. She wasn't sure was probably trying to find an excuse to take the euro to town. Well she thought maybe for launch dan lunch. It was walking around the far side of the building where she'd parked too euro. She found a note on the seat of the sidecar leave for the first time she thought. Bob alex and wish he'd get back early. The euro fired up right away while warmed up. She put her hair braid. Untucked it under her helmet. She was second gear. Accelerating up the slight incline. That led to dungeness. Bay's main drag tab right pedal for the rear brakes as road. Came into sight with no effect. She squeezed a lever for the front disc. Brake and again nothing downshifting. She cut her speed. Kill the engine and brought the sidecar rig to an abrupt stop cranked on the emergency brake and just sat for a minute. Thinking of i that she had done something wrong then remembered the note dismounted and lucked under the motorcycle. Found the brake line and the slice of was still leaking brake fluid. She lifted the trunk. Lid pulled out a leash for rusty and began to walk into town. She needed an alarm system. And the gun because no one is going to scare her into leaving dutch. Spay and that concludes chapter seven. Be short listen tomorrow for chapter eight to find out how she handles her alarm system. This is ned branch for joanna bride. Thanks for listening.

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