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This is a podcast from the bugles. Whenever i get gloomy with the state of the world. I think about the arrivals gate at heathrow airport. General opinion stunned to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed. But i don't see that it seems to me that love is everywhere often it's not particularly dignified on newsworthy. But it's always their fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters husbands allies boyfriends girlfriends. Old friends that ladies and gentlemen is called social proof in its marketing tactic. That hits deeply ingrained neuropathy baked in the evoked human brain that tells you only safe in a crowd when you're agreeing with other people and this is the goggle sonic glossy magazine to the bugles. All your newspaper for visual world. Welcome we other pull out. That's double bagged. Because you can't be too safe fuel guest today on the show. James new say and benjamin partridge. Oh well. we'll get into all of the news of this week. That doesn't involve politics but first let's look at the cover of this week magazine. The front cover. This week is a picture. Floyd mayweather in back to back crossed cookie ages pose with youtube logan poll and the caption reads money. We just made so much money. You forgotten one of us is a violent criminal so my sad when the obnoxious upstart who's twenty years younger than thirty kilos. Heavier only disgraced himself by showing a dead body to millions of children for whether respectable elder statesman punched a series of women from strangers in bosnia. The mothers of his children is i know. This is probably controversial but If punching women is your hobby. I don't think you should be allowed to punch men fiona job personal opinion other cover his include outrage at oxford students who took down a picture of the queen. Wait until they hear about the sex pistols and the satirical cartoon this week is jeff bezos in-space getting an amazon delivery notification on his phone that he's not going to be home to sign for the speech. Bubble says shocks and that brings us to the do the first section of this magazine social media section. One tiktok is stealing your face james. Qui se You have a face. Tell me a bit more about this story. Look this weirdly widely not political but also what we've always deeply feared and tiktok. It's just gonna go there and take our oil of our privacy particularly our face prints and voice prints. I'm not smart enough to know what a face print is. I'm guessing it's just a print of your face but tiktok stealing hits and they that we don't know what they using it for. I don't know what my face or voiceprint will be used for a can't even sneak into new zealand using the space. Printing voiceprint just looks like ethnic anyone so basically doing what or the conspiracy. Ferry people said they would which is stealing all of the The face voice stuff of uses with out really is particularly in the us and without any of the knowledge. A few generally bad for conspiracy people. Because we give we've the during the whole pandemic we've given conspiracy will be like this is serious now. We can't hit any of your stuff. Your phone isn't

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