Branson, Bezos, Musk: The Billionaire Space Race

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Richard branson's being outed longer than the others. Seventeen years or so since richard branson. I announced his ambitions. Two thousand four. When virgin galactic was started. I think back then the intention walls within three or four years. They be doing what they've only just done now of of taking passengers into space but for him dates back and he. He talks about this a lot. Doesn't it back to nineteen sixty nine and watching the moon landing a teenager. We choose to go to the moon and and do the other thing not because they are easy being taken outside by his dad and the pointing up at the moon and realizing there were two men up there east folks at one of those men buzz aldrin in the nineties and and talked about the idea of using plane rather than a traditional rocket as so. The idea is been fermenting for a long time lot of setbacks on the way of course. I think a lot of us wonder whether this would ever happen. He's proved he can do it. And i think that for him is why this is so emotionally significant but also practically significant in a business sense as well. Let's go through the others then we go elon. Musk of tesla. Fame with space. X.'s dragon capsule and he's the best known for his space ambitions around the world. Think just because of his global profile that he has and has had a lot of success with the commercial side of this deals with nasa of taking things up into orbital space which of course is much further than branson or some of the tourism operations are going and has talked in perhaps much greater ambition. About what could be done. He's talked about colonizing mars. Easy said he wants to go to mars. he's also said people might die. Going to mars but ambitions seemed to be much bigger and grander than just space tourism. And someone who through his life has solve the big problems as he's seen them around the world and this is one he sees that needs to be solved by the private sector. Then making up the triumvirate. Jeff bezos of amazon fame. What of his ambitions. what's his rocket. Program is interesting isn't because he there's far less publicity with with. Jeff bezos a blue origin. The company that will take him into space has been around for twenty years so longer than branson's virgin galactic but his plans all rooted much further back than that he he talks of colonizing space of building these holds where trillions of people can live something. It's thought he took from a professor. He had at princeton physicist. Who came up with his idea in the seventies so he has these grand ambitions that pass. He doesn't talk about as much as richard branson alone. Musk but which are very rooted in in history and clearly having left amazon this is now his focus on taking humans where they where they've not come

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