More Megapixels or Sharper Lenses, What's the Difference?



I don't spend much time talking about cameras and equipment and gear so. I hope you'll forgive me if i break that rule with an exception this week because there is something sort of knew then i want to talk about and in order to lay the background for this. I really should recommend that you watch video from lens work online i'll make it available With a link here even to those of you who are not lends work online members so everybody can have a chance to see this when it's from our series called photography not cameras. It's from several years ago and it's a comparison of two cameras in a real world test. That is to say imagine photographer. A who had at that. Point a Sony state of the art camera and a seven hour mark to with Superb carl zeiss. Prime lenses comparing print results with the camera that i was using at the time which was the panasonic g five and the two f two point eight zoom lenses that were considered the top of the line at that point and the conclusion of which is if you Want the shortcut and want to go. Watch the video. The conclusion was that there was no visible difference whatsoever between those two cameras photographing in reasonable light. Photographing using rock-solid tripods with the exact same composition photographed the exact same time at comparable apertures. There was no visible difference between prince from the sony. A seven our mark to forty two megapixel camera and my panasonic jd. Five which was a sixteen megapixel came no visible difference

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