How Jesse Weigel Pivoted Into Tech


Hey jesse thank you so much for coming on the show. Oh you're welcome. Thanks for having me so. I'm really excited to talk to you because you enter. Wife are the first husband wife duo. I've ever interviewed now. I spoke to your wife about a year ago. She's also a self talk. Kotor which i think is really awesome. And i'm really glad to have this new milestone to have a married couple on two different times but to self-talk odors it's really great. Yeah it's it's awesome to have her be into coding as well. We can talk to each other about our work issues in understand each other. It's been really cool. Yeah so. I think that's a perfect segue into talking about your story in how you started coating yes so. I've always been interested in electronics growing up. I didn't really have a computer access to the internet until i was a teenager. But then at that point. I was fascinated by i would frequently break my parents computer in rush to try to figure out how to fix it before they found out about it. And so that's why. I got into just learning more about computers and how they works in high school. I did some basic html and css in in notepad so i had a class where we did typed everything out in no pat on microsoft windows and was very basic. The made a website about the movie the matrix because that came out around that time and i was very into the matrix. And i didn't really do do much with programming. I went to college and i took a basic programming class. And i actually. I think it was c. Plus plus yes so. I did a c. Plus plus class. And i remember building a calculator and i. I liked it. But i didn't go on with it. My degree was actually in business. So i just. I didn't do much with programming. I had a couple of different various jobs that had nothing to do with programming Manager at a restaurant waiter. I actually taught at a high school. I taught the latin that a high school and after a few years of that i realized my family started to grow. And i said you know what i really can't support my family on the salary and need to find something else

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