A highlight from Sarah Silverman: A Joke about Dirty Talk


I know that it's cool to talk crazy during sex. And i i have tried that and it doesn't work for me because i just i find that the truth gets in the way i guess guy guide your caucus so oh no. It was a shadow. What i do. I feel like is way crazier. I like crazy right after. Sex things have calmed down. Beat get right in his face. Real quiet do you think would happen if i went on down to the hospital and got a rape exam right now. They find your semen all over inside me. Because i do. We should go ahead and take on my back till i fall asleep. Boy vers four. And so then. I get like really nose to nose with him and go number one number one in what you. Don't worry about it important us. That we're number one juvenile diabetes. What is the etiquette. Emily post ish people here but for post-coital huddling or after sex cuddling. If you're stupid. What is the etiquette. For where i would put my his asshole fingers. Is it just straight out to the side or watch. Sarah silverman speck of dust only on netflix six.

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