A highlight from Ep 432 | Was Jesus a Capitalist? | Q&A


To relatable. Today we're doing. Qna answered the questions that you sent me on. Instagram thank you guys so much for sending me such thoughtful questions. Here's a good question. Someone asked has humanity changed since biblical times. I would say no. I would echo ecclesiastic in saying that. Nothing is new under the sun. Now has technology changed. Yes have society's changed in some ways because of technology and just because of globalism the discovery of the world and interconnecting of different cultures and different kinds of people the evolution of language. Yes of course those things have changed but of course we know that one jesus crazy stays the same. He's the same yesterday today and forever and also like we know that you know god is the great i am. So he suspended in the eternal. Now he's not. I was he's not i will be he is. Im hey transcends time and space and so what we see is a long length of time for him. it's just a blot. it's just a dot on the span of of eternity. Humans have changed in the ways that i just explained but human nature. I don't think has changed. Like if we look at some of the ancient cultures and we look at some of the ancient societies in the ancient sins that were written about in the bible that were written about by historians if we read about for example like pompeii some of the terrible degeneracy and the perversion and the sexual immorality in the enslavement and the barbarism that was pervasive in for example ancient rome in the in the in the in their forms of entertainment. I mean that wise barbaric immorality probably what we would see at. Its worst if we see if we look at. What niro did the christians in. How wicked of a leader was he was if we look at a variety of different events in different kinds of kingdoms and regimes over the span of history we see. The evil has prevailed for many years in many different times in different regions of the world.

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