Into The Nothing With Gabriel Cousens

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It's so interesting to to talk to you. Because and i'm just going to share a bit about you with mindful tribe. You're a world renowned holistic physician a rabbi yogi spiritual mystic. You're a psychiatrist. A family therapist a humanitarian. A peace ambassador. And there's just so much to share about you and It it says here that you live in the world between nothing which is the world beyond time and something which is the temporal world. So let's start there. How did you get to the point where you see yourself. As as living in this world between nothing and something it had been gradually it was back philosophical. I lived in india for seven years and begin editing about six hours a day and also focusing intense contemplation on the divine name with chanting During the time. I begin to move into the nothing. No what is the nothing you disappear as a separate ego as a separate linus and there's only that or in that said is nothing to say the just but the point is that is that just quiet but you are there. There's not a you with a quiet mind you disappear. There's only durant

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