How to Win at Work and Succeed at Life with Michael Hyatt


Today. We have a lot of celebrity entrepreneurs advocating what we call them the book the hustle fallacy. Where you just work hard. Keep your nose to the grindstone crank. You'll put in the hours crank out the work. can eventually. you'll be able to slow down. Give attention to your health. You most important relationships and and be able to have some semblance of balance. There are some people that choose sort of the opposite approach and we call this the ambition break where they just pump the brakes on their career. And they say look. It's it's not worth blowing out my personal health or my most important relationships so i will settle for less than what i know. I'm capable of in my career. We think and by the way. I wrote this book with my oldest daughter. Megan who is the ceo. Michael hanalani albany now but the we believe that's a false choice that that it's not either or as you said but it's both and and that's the double win double win fire nation and. I hope you're listening to michael right. Now you're asking yourself these important questions. Are you right now. Claiming a false summits about that. Are you putting yourself in a situation where you're facing an impossible choice. These are hard questions but imported ones. You wanna answer now not five years ten years from now and your book's subtitle michael is five principles to free yourself from the cult of overwork. Why did you choose to subtitle. We really came to the conclusion as we listen to. A lot of people like elon. Musk for example which has done amazing things in the world. But when he advocates that people should be working eighty to a hundred hours a week and he's done that at numerous entrepreneurial conferences because he said if you can put in that kind of time you can do three to four months what your competitors will take a year to do and that will give you a competitive advantage. But what he doesn't share is he's now on his third marriage his five sons by omission. Don't speak to him. You know it's come it at considerable cost and i know you know. His driving. Passion in life is to go to mars but he might be there alone when it's all said and done and and this is kind of a cult and it has all the same kind of addictive properties that you know. Alcoholism would have or any other substance abuse or even unhealthy religion. And that's why we named it

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