Jacob Thornton Has a Drunk Driver Encounter


Welcome jake thanks so much for joining us today. Well i'm glad to be here more super excited to hear all your crazy driving stories. So let's start with what you would say is one of your most craziest driving experiences one of my most craziest driving experiences. What have to be the summer of twenty eighteen. This was right before i graduated college. I was going out with a couple of buddies of mine. And we just got back from penn stack and we are just driving down seventy five north just rocking out to music having fun windows down on all four sides and all of a sudden comes this random person it looked like they are driving a corvette day. Start tailgating me and my friend. We were literally the only ones out on the road. We're like the hey. Let's go mess with them. And i'm like heck. Yeah we're going. We're going to teach him a lesson. And of course i don't play nice when it comes to tailgaters. I really i really don't. I'm like the enforcer on the road. Because i teach them you know. Hey the closer you get the slower. I'm going to go. But i don't harm anyone. Of course. I just do that to tell them. Hey don't do this so anyway. We're like yeah. Let's let's mess with them for a bit. See what happens. Speed limits to seventy five on a highway. The guys tailgating me and my friend. The two other lanes are open. No excuse me. Three lanes were the only two cars on the highway. This point everywhere. Everyone else's six sixteen hundred feet back like way back there at this point. The car behind Switches lanes and we do the same thing we switch over to the right lane and he's tailgating us both keep switching lanes until we both go off the exit ramp. We go off the exit ramp and their tailgating and slowing down and we return to get off other road. We come face to face with the driver and it's not a guy but it's a woman so me and my friend at this point. Had the windows up in the music turned down to medium. We both realized we were just making a woman very upset and she was like in her

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