How to Motivate Your Remote Team


I wanna start today's lesson about busting meth when it comes to motivating any team physical or remote if you're using words if you're using speeches free using praise and charm and just trying to raw your team into motivation. This the only thing you do. That's not gonna work. Those things don't hurt. People need to hear kind word. People need to feel recognize. People like to know that they're valued but words alone. Don't move the needle. And it's not sustainable. You can't continually pump up your team always especially if you're remote. This is why. I recommend these three strategies all share with you today because it has nothing to do with what you say. It actually has a lot to do with what you do. So let's jump into strategy number one and this one is quite simple. If you wanna have a motivated team motivated players. Hire them from the get-go. Here's the thing i learned in business hiring people for the last decade people. That are motivated. People have a good attitude that are self starters that don't need external forces to do what they have to do. They're just ready to go. Get it every day. That's inside them. No one gives it to them. That's a choice. they make okay. It's really hard to train that to give that to someone. So why make your life heart as a business owner fine people like that already. An higher within you won't winners higher winters. That's how you get a winning team The yankees no this the major league baseball team that won so many championships because they know they get great players on the team. Chances are they're gonna win. The same thing goes with business and this is what. I mean by motivate players. I mean people that make you feel energized. After spending some time with him if you interview somebody and at the end of the interview you feel both arctic. You feel down. You don't feel motivated. That's a bad side. A lot of people hire people like that because really all the resumes. Great the great experience. But they're on the interview and they're not motivated you think they're going to be motivated and positive and be a great influence on your team day in and day out when you hire them.

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