A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Ruud in rude health in Geneva; Gauff doubles up in Parma; Tsitsipas rolls on as Norrie stands out in Lyon; Indian Wells back on; 2022 Aus. Open abroad?


Aspirated says the title in geneva doubles up in palmer and indian wells. He's back on colonel Lay it's another week another catch up. We back down to the to fifty level in the build up to the french open. Lots of really exciting things happening this week. I think the thing we have to obviously stop wave is you came came as on holiday. We just need to get that out. The way for but came on holiday and lee at tennis tally. You are in the hot seat. I would like to the listeners. Where tonight that. It's not yet. She's not moved to the midland's had random operation. Now it is a different person No it's good to be here and good speech eacho kim's time whenever she is on holiday. I'm sure it's well deserved the yet. It's nice to thank figured we don't change you to sit in. It's gonna be great. It's gonna be a great show. Got lots to talk about. Lots of tournaments as i said with down at the two fifty fill. This is sometimes fill out with these events. Always get some really really good stories. Come out when there's necessarily the massive spotlight on the the tour. I feel though. I mean in in sort of classic british weather tradition. I think we we've. The weather has not been great. It's been a lot of rain recently and across all of the tournaments this week. I feel like they've all they've also been affected by the raid. Yeah we've sort of shed. The love of the british weather. Roy across right across central and southern europe in a lot of rain. A loss as having to do double. Gt on some days but everyone finished on time and that was good and and that was lucky. I think Three hundred the full tournaments were saturday. Final as well So to finish on time today with that manager. Brian is good reminds with years ago which was really rating rain-affected of john. They move indoors isn't they. Say maybe immediately rans does. But i'm think cross that we you know you know we go. We had the worst of the right in match late. A good weather comes in time to the grass season. Which we're gonna talk about a bit later on. But i think we're going to start geneva. Yes we all going to start with geneva. The rain wasn't that bad it didn't get to light. We need to find the the closest indoor courts in geneva to fish out the tournament beckham. Yeah let's let's in geneva. Because you know the the talk going in was about roger federer and returning to the tool and we'll kind of get onto that in a sec but the fund that we ended up with was casper. Rude versus denis shapovalov. Rude coming out seven six six full. I mean cast burrito the maimon. I mean he is flying under the radar. I feel In terms of the clay season you know he got to the semi finals in monte carlo and madrid and this this title really's just. It's just really a culmination of the the level that he's been playing since the sauce of the clay season he's been he's been almost mr consistent and you know in the final against against shapovalov a guy in his consistency was it just proved to be the just proved to be too much for for shapovalov. Yeah i didn't get to see what y'all geneva this week. Unfortunately but yeah. It's nice to see casper doing pretty well. I think he was the seed he was in the hof with with roger. Federer arc in our. Potentially you know you look at their own pace. But that probably wouldn't athene wouldn't expected to get to the final. There's also question. Marks by roger federer. Yeah alike casper rude. I think it's good to It's it's funny one because he's you don't expect a powerful norway to be good on clay you you don't. You don't really have many players from scott niagara as a whole anyway. But we have got over these also contingent of players from norway and sweden and finland. Sort of making wait. It's on the detour. Is really great. For those countries that you know they. They do have a big tennis fan bases. That just happened so it is really good. See hi it's from that wilder really. Well yeah i mean rude game i mean just looking at it on on the screen it does feel like actually is a bit is definitely. I think you can see why he's doing. Well i think on the on the class f is a moment. He puts a lot of talks on the ball. A lot of work on the ball from the baseline and i just felt in that final. You know he was. I think attacking the you know. The single handed backhand from chapa avello and whenever he felt like it dropped shaw and he felt that he was able to kind of take control of the rally. That's what he did. And i think that was his. That was almost as game prime from from point one and it really really kind of the things in motion for him and now. I think going into the french open. He is going to be one of those players. I didn't think anyone is going to want to play. Because he said he's just flying onto people's radar. I think we've we haven't really spoken. I don't think anyone's really been speaking about casper. Route display to boston series semifinals. No one's really speaking about him. So i think he's quite a dangerous sort of fighter when it comes to garments. Do you think from the definitely. I definitely want to watch and also be cheating to what you've matches run the show. I'm quite excited and just kind of moving along. Because shop valve as well was in the final. Now i mean breaking news. I was actually just script- Scripted before before we recording. I think chaparral of actually out over a long garo Yes so. I don't know i don't know what happened there. But it is a massive shame. Because he looked he looked very very good this week. And listen king you know. He had that heartbreaking match. I think against the dowell You know a week before. I was always of its side. You know thought it was. I think it will be one of the match at the candidate candidates but i wondered if that was going to affect his confidence came roaring back got through to the final and again. He's another player. Who i've got really really big hopes for him. I don't think has happened. Of course just yet. But i think again this week he showed. How much potential. He has on call. Yeah it's a shame that we want to see him at running girl said. I'm not quite sure if the reasons for that withdrawal roll over the humidity an injury a week actor for from roland. Garros and withdrawing sorta suggested as an injury that it'll or nickel as picked up in geneva. And it's not something that he feels. He's going to be ready in a week's time. But i i didn't say the final also i don't know if there was anything that was not physical during the final which took off with those any noticeable

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