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Good sized hail and it turned out i was like twenty minutes away from like a tornado. That was touching down in weld county like it was like a little east of i twenty five a little bit and i don't know if you saw pictures of it but if you look it up I i was like maybe like ten fifty miles away from that tornado. You didn't go tornado chasing weather channel. Not anything that used to be like my dream as a kid. Meteorology rob wanted to be a tornado chaser. Different things. when. I was a little kid. I wanted to be like. You wanted to be on the weather channel. I used to watch you. Don't go to you. don't get a meteorology too greedy. But they're not like yeah. I'm getting this so i can chase tornadoes. I think you're just crazy. And you're like. I buy the radar. Doppler thing i got van and we're and then so then like they had like coordinating flights. So like they're gonna land at seven o'clock and at this point shark texas and you can kind of jubilant. My my flight was delayed right originally and we flew out how guys were actually landing in denver or landing new mexico. then we landed. I check my phone. But we're actually implant blow gene like car telecom airport. Apparently there was like a tornado. Going on around. Denver sells like just to die. They're like guys a are. We're going to stay here for like two hours for the weather. Calmed down and dude man. People were pissed babies three babies behind. I didn't know could cry that much. It was so now. What surprise can cry. Really hard dude for hours straight. Just

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