Fathy Yassa: Why I Founded Speechmorphing

VOICE Global 2021


So so. Let's go back to the beginning because this company was founded in two thousand ten long before you know before syrian long before Or before apple introduced syrian acquired nature desiree but Long before voice. Assistance came into our home. Why did you found a speech more opinion and what what particular problems where you hoping to solve fantastic question because i love telling that story. As matter fact before speech morphing i had the startup networks that was dealing in mobike consumer video demand and i was licensed content from all over the world back from europe. Any any country you name i would. I would have licensed something from them from the us. From latin america the middle east and it just hit me that while i was watching multiple a muffler content the ma languages which speaks some of them It occurred to me that. Why in the world are we dubbing movies in a higher actors voice rather than dubbing the movie in the original actors. What's good my thoughts in that. Well let me see if we advocated the actor's voice and make them speak as if they spoke that look language via the american actor and we we produce to the movie to europe in france or in italy. Why can't we make him speak. Italian or french in the is the original accent and that made me think about the well. Let's let's take it on. And i looked at the market i. I the markets with multiple providers including dubbing studios and so on and at influence identity the like the right timing and sure enough by the time we should point today. That is the i demand for this kind of application while certainly a love division Back then and i love the watched a lot of movies and always interesting when a voice gets dubbed over in. it's like it does not match right it's it's a great use case in a great example. But you know. From that time and that impetus for kind of moving forward with a with the company you've actually gone into banking or you know other Other industries up. Let's talk a little bit about you. Know what were the. What were the early adopter industries for for the technology speech had developed. Yes so why do we were developing the Points where would act actually at today and being able to service the entertainment industry as we speak prior to that as we were developing the content of the the technology. It occurred to us that the well there are low hanging fruits wide with perfecting the the the the technology for payment which is demanding from equality. Sample that are other markets like the banking like the person assistance someone a chat bots and so on that could take advantage of the quality of that we were able to produce years ago already and so we decided that that at that time we should go after those markets because there was demand actually and customers would be equipped by other companies to provide those solutions. The and of course we can talk about how different out. Solution is compared to others but That's what brought us to the banking in the and we have seen quite a bit of disability from multiple multiple multiple businesses for our solution would actually inactive conversation with the number of those you speak and not only that but also integrated with the likes of genesis media into their services and In order for us to buy out solution to the customer so we are actually out in the market with that kind of our with our technology for the banking industry and other a call center as well as a this assistance provided.

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