Bret Kinsella on BOT Coin, a New Tool for the Voice and Chatbot Communities


You share with us. A little bit about you know your your impetus for creating coining the idea and And then let's chat a little bit about it and got some announcements to make around. It is okay all right great so the first thing i would just like to say about bitcoin is. I don't think it is like me. Creating more of a we created it because there are a lot of people that were behind this and i wouldn't have done it if it was just voiced bought alone. That was working on this. So that was that was one thing. But if i step back really the whole idea started with this this this other trend. We've seen among people in the industry. The ones that you and i interact with most frequently. And that's the community voice Developers owners the preneurs the business Business folks that the big companies even and what i notice happening starting about two years ago as the startup fragmentation and that accelerated last year. And so you know. I think about like three years ago we all got together in newark right and so we will together and last year. We weren't able to do that so that wasn't able to bind us together. And there were some other types of activities that we're all binding us together whether it's all building skills or doing something else and that just that just evaporated over the last. I would say two years but it was really cute last year. And so i was thinking that. That's one of the things that we do and that's really the core of your business is community but we are sort of a central gathering place at voice spot for lots of things. So i think i think we do something around community known sort of a side project that i'll do just to provide value. Everybody and that. It looked actually for a fleeting moment like clubhouse was helping with that. 'cause everyone was getting together not everybody. But at least ios people and then later the android people We're we're getting talking but that's not really a community platform so that wasn't going to quite do it And so basically. I settled on two things after talking to people about coin and the voice about discord

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