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Everyone and welcome to couples therapy. My name is naomi. my name is andy. And we're real life couple. Couple of comedians in on couples therapy. We answer a couple of questions from a couple of different listeners. S folks that is what this show is. That is what you have tuned into. I hope you are enjoying the free entertainment. The free entertainment. You're so silly. It's my defining feature. I would say i would say weird. Whimsey measure defining. Yes yes yes. Weird is the word you use. The trip i wasn't i wouldn't necessarily call you weird. I wouldn't call you. Wait my own accord. Manic pixie dream roy. Exactly how you doing. I'm doing okay. I'll tell you this. I had some cold brew coffee thinking it would pick me up and i know yet a it ain't but you got your hair done today you gotta hear my hair did. It is beautiful to be back on energizing you. Oh no it's given me the will to go on almost certainly. I'm no longer afraid of being seen. I've noticed as we are social and we see people that masks and very self conscious about my face. I'm not all right with his three. I i know where i am. You know i can pull off cute. And i'm like yeah. Okay that i anything. I still want to to go the dennis dillon. Get this tea stain. I know off that. I've been having to look at and zoom here that plagued me. I know i thought you were really going to do that. But no of anything. I will say this. I tweeted out version of this. A bit of a joke form but like the the of running into a casual acquaintance is back in baby. It's powerful baby is having my veins it is infecting every cell of my body Absolutely that's the one interaction that i've never mastered you know very at parties just like small talk and just like i'm good with with obviously with friends. I'm very good but it's like the casual acquaintance. I hate that interact. that's interesting. You say that. Because i was going to say that what you said. You were good at parties. Purdue remember when we talked about how you didn't know how to leave a conversation at a party. I'm wondering a little bit of that is happening when you run into someone on the street. It's all that. I'm good at a party up until the very end of the conversation but like so a casual acquaintance all. I don't know how to get out of this river. There's too much you know what it is. It's all gray area right because when you see a casual when you see a friend on the street you stop right. There's there's no bones about it. Stopped myself and i'm like that's a phrase right anyway. The point is you stop and you talk to them but when it's a casual acquaintance you're doing this calculus. Everyone's doing everyone's doing that. Mean where the equations are going on the background of the yeah right That's what's happening with everyone and you're trying to figure out. Should i stop and talk to this person. And they're trying to figure out that and you're trying to figure out how long interaction is supposed to go on and it's too much gray area. Yup th- and that's i do not flourish in gray areas might absolately that i am aware of shoots through the roof. In grey areas. A bear market for my anxiety is bear good or not good but like as bear when the stock market is doing. Well i thought it was bull market. It's broiler bear. But i don't know which is which who knows. Well i don't know but i do know naomi. we have a fantastic fucking guest today on the show. of course. she's a wonderful to your friend. You've already heard her voice. Her dulcet tones. I like to say yes. We talked to one the only sydney washington. You may know her from her new podcast hobby. Hunter you may know her from her previous podcast unofficial expert. You may know her from her instagram. Show cooking with sid. Which is an unhinged wild ride. Where food is sometimes actually club but it is like so nice and this was very. It's funny because i'm always. I always assume the young black girls don't really like me like i'm very like old. Auntie energy them. And so. That's what i assume so. I'm always like i hope we can have a conversation but it was very very warm. It's always been very warm. Yeah i met her at when we did this show in the back of a bar in new york five years ago or something like that before we get into the show though I just wanted to read this. This isn't so a couple episodes ago we talked to our wonderful eliot glazer and we answered a question on that episode about someone is They're you know now that the world is opening back up again They decided they won't have sex for the first of the first time they're trying to get into a we okay and they asked our advice like if you were if you had a child and you were telling your the talk as they don't do whatever well i'm kidding. Well they wrote back to us. Now i love it an update i love it. I'm going to read right here. High previous caller sending a follow up. I'm the twenty seven year old. Who wanna have sex for the first time after the pandemic you guys actually answered my call the day right before i plan to do it. Oh my god see. That is the lord at work that serendipitous kismet. That is the lord that is higher guy was from tender. Did an instagram background check. I told him it was my first time. I initiated each step and felt in control the whole time two things. This sucker didn't have a single condom so nothing that we're involve a condom. Say there's plenty of. Is everything honestly. You should have for everything you should have gone. Wouldn't go to the store. You have gone when you are at the doctor right. You should have a condom when you're sitting on a park bench just like in naked gun one of the naked gun movies. He just wears a giant condom on his body. That's what you should be absolutely also. I felt nothing in all physically or emotionally the first time the entire time. Not for lack of trying a fund self ristic anthropological experience. Anyway fun anthropological voyeuristic anthropological experience. Well that's not sex. I don't know what is he was surprised. I was so calm about the whole thing. I'm going to keep trying with other people for variety but just wanted to send in the conclusion. And let you both know your interviewers and sweethearts thing only angel. That's nice very exciting. I'm glad it was like a neutral experience neutral exactly sex neutral. that's good not negative negative neutral neutral but not second. it's just neutral. I'm just gonna the sex was neutral. Sex was not negative which is which is great. You know especially you know. I love them saying like i initiated the whole way being direct and we love that for them as lacey. Moseley would say so. That's beautiful and i love a follow up guys. Well follow up la follow up now now that you know what's going on. We're all up to speed. Let's get into sydney washington. Roll

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