A highlight from Hour 2: Fitting The Crown


The bucks been bewildered to start the series and brooklyn. Biggest playoff win in franchise history. So many people told me the bucks. Beat the the nets. Andre snellings bach drei very owned. Espn analytic scott Kendrick perkins the perk carry on. Beat the nets. Now's like well. Look you good series without james harden the only chance they have james harden the only prayer they have is to hope that the nets haven't had enough time to get their defense together to the point where you know and even the nets are going to win time out. They didn't have enough time to get their defense together. And they don't even have james harden and the buxton chance game one. You could say well the bucks were missing. Open shots game too. How do you describe game. Two and one of the most kind of one of the least talked about storylines here think of how the clippers did blake griffin with the contract and the whole thing and then the trade and blake griffin was not playing for detroit. Last year. So wouldn't dunk anything clippers. Get them on a bye. Sorry nets get him on a buyout. It turns out blake griffin. Would he give him eighteen and fourteen or something like that in game one and in game two dunked all over jaanus in the eyeball test said. Oh yeah that's blake griffin understand. It's not like blake. forgot how to play. It said he couldn't jump anymore. And since he's not a great shooter or a great defender. What's the word amazing passer. What's the deal like. Why uplink from. He's like an average average below average mba body but if blake griffin's jumping like that and he's the third or fourth option on your team could lord too big three k. d. kyrie and blake. Now that's without chain toward. Do you understand what's going to happen i. I don't think the basketball god's will allow this nets team to be all healthy at the same time. I don't think it's going to happen. It's like it's too much for brains to comprehend so the basketball guys make sure always someone's hurt. I told everyone when i saw the but kadian kyrie. I don't know if they're getting out of the east. The ad james harden. I'm like i don't know. They lost a lot of depth. Because they had injuries they had carousel avert in dinwiddie and this one and that one and then they got an injury then they traded and it's like there's top heavy and i don't know korean able to share the same. There's only one ball. They worked at outright quick and even without k. D. almost never lost an edited certain point. I told everybody if those guys are healthy. There's not a single team in the nba including the lakers. If lebron a deer healthy that will take the nets seven games. No one will go the distance with his team. It's the greatest offense going to be the greatest offense in the history of american team sports and if they can even have an average defense and it only took him two or three weeks during the regular season to get the defense to about average then. There's no stopping them. I even say if they just had some continuity in health they're better than the katie warriors because the katie warriors. Don't forget seventy three win. Team doesn't win the championship. Now they're unbeatable but unbeatable. But the james harden. Mike d'antoni rockets even without chris paul and even having the worst shooting night of all time literally over twenty seven. One one stretch during this game over twenty-seven from three not chris paul james harden and the rockets only lost by single digits at home in game seven to the k. d. steph warriors because they played the most efficient brand basketball of all time. Daryl morey mike d'antoni james harden. Well steve nash. The head coach antonis on the bench. There's james harden and running a hardened d'antoni offense but they're doing it with the warriors k. D. equals k. d. hardin equal steph roughly equivalent players. Klay thompson better. Two way player. Because he's a defender longer and he's better shooter than kyrie. I think most people would say kyrie's a better player than clay because at least offensively kyri can get his own shot and hit it from anywhere. Put the ball on the floor. Make decisions the whole thing on a different level and then who is the fourth option on golden state. Because you know who the fourth option on this team is i thought it was joe harris. It's blake griffin joe. Harris is the fifth option. It's insane it is insane. And you wanna beat that with the milwaukee bucks behind jaanus and then his main support is. Chris middleton andrew holiday. I mean it's a nice team. But that's not going to get a whiff in this series and this is again without harden kevin durant on into milwaukee crowd is going to be infirm the second we get on the flow of warm ups and we know guys play more they play better and more comfortable. Anr sleep in their own beds and got the same teams at home. So you know we gotta work off. What what we're looking forward to. They don't have their work. Cut out. I don't see it. I katie is playing it an exceptionally high level on offense. The real thing about katie. Of course he can score from anywhere we all know that but it his height his sight line is clean to survey the floor and he's a willing an excellent passer. We don't think of like lebron or one of these guys whose like some genius next level passer k. D. is an excellent passer. He he's offensively whole lot.

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