Audiobrain CEO Audrey Arbeeny on the Evolution of Sonic Branding


Interesting because there are a conic brands going back to the sixties at had a sonic identity associated with them that. I don't think people really understood what was happening at that time. And and now if you go four to today i mean sonic identity is is everything because audios playing such a huge role in our lives. How much have you seen this industry. Sort of take hold and you've led a lot of this. I mean you. Pioneer this industry in many ways starting eighteen years ago. How's it evolved in in the last eighteen years and do you feel like brands are starting to really understand. You know why you founded on your brain and your core mission. Well i just felt that there was a were about maybe six companies at that time. The twenty five years ago twenty six years ago. That were doing sonic branding intentional audio and it was funny because i found an article Cleaning my office and it was written in nineteen ninety eight and it's everything that we're doing now. It's more than your logo. It's more than you're jingle. it's your call center. It's your voice and was fortunate to work with brands like ibm. Ma like microsoft that that got it that you really it. I had that. I think i can actually remember the tones From from that laptop and and so there were from the design management institute I felt it was really important for me to be there. Because i wanted to learn so i was the only one out with the owner of the company. I worked with at the time. That was doing sonic branding. We stood out. This was my audience. Ma'am and this is where. I got an introduction Ordinary me joe. Joe meet audrey He's running a branding conference. She does sonic branding That's where i met people at microsoft. We'll tell you depth during the xbox three sixty and it was my foundation. And i was fortunate. That url powell kind of took me under his wing and always pointed out the work that we were doing and that was my foundation

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