AARP's Paolo Narciso Explains How Voice Tech Is Helping Elderly Populations


Of the programs. He put together very quickly Would premise started was a food assistance. Program i'll be delivered through a little over three point. Two million meals out within the timespan a may In july two Older americans who were struggling to be able to food in the pantry and we're able to respond very quickly one of the tools that us from technology perspective is in fact voice As many of you may know we have a platform connected to me which is built entirely on alexa. Google that allows for war a senior with their smart speakers and through with your programs. Where we i identify that folks were in fact. Struggling would be able to attitude into your access to the supermarkets for instance call early in march in april. A lot of these supermarkets started closing The ability to access food is very very difficult and boys. Technology was one of the even always allows identify folks The needed assistance in able to quickly deliver Those kneels to The folks that he did well certainly certainly necessary. Let's talk a little bit about the adoption. So when you're able to put a voice assistant in with a senior that has you know that the really has a need to be able to access services or goods or other other kinds of support. How has that. How's that process going. And how well our seniors able to adopt voice technology today and then let's talk about you know where where we'd like to see it. Go in the future so we were honestly very surprised as as As many organizations we have been a testing boy so looking for ways able use voice in that effort has gone on for several years now in the fourth year of implementing voice technologies in our solutions predominantly for social isolation. Be able to have seniors interact. Not only with advice like alexa also would each other at through voice adoption has been surprisingly so options. Double edged sword right it once seniors learn how to be able to use a device like alexa or being used voice on your phone. We find that that comes their preferred megan up communications and being able to use interact with with technology. We have seniors. Who the only voice they actually here is the voice of Alexa voice of out of google during the day which is which is sad but at the same time luring able to communicate those with with alexa or google. I'm literally they if we wanted to take those devices fact who could never get back so once name the technology it becomes very much permanent. Lives for many reasons right You know taxes. Small for instance state writings and opponent is effective in many ways but of voices certainly freeing from a from a string perspective also Need to use of your hands and being able to just use voice able to perform tasks to get updates to its fourth has been Has been a need of seniors. In recent fly day they thought technology the very very quickly It's also used for medicare giving perspective be checking in on loved ones notifications and google patients in alexa. Allow people to check in under loved. Wants to voice and he be able to tell their stories and once they have that free media i have the worry added devices. Typically that they have to look at We find that the seniors again very quickly. That technology

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