A highlight from Ribble Cycles - Jamie Burrow, Head of Product


And i wouldn't keep doing what i'm doing without your support with all that said let's dive right into my interview with jamie jamie. Welcome to the shelf. Appreciate joining us all the way from the uk. I know we could easily do an hour on your back story as a cyclist back in the pro tour but for the purposes of this conversation. Why don't you tell us what led you to your current role at rebel taking off to most people who go down the kind of sports director. Managing row are come from a second family and around bikes really. That told me to build bikes. When i was going about five years old i think early days madonna was designer himself by trade and it just passion for bikes as a kid designing on bikes as a teenager. Housley back in the days where neighbors name was my boss. Still house designed them race bikes so fifteen sixteen another local build them for me and then you go into though race. Career thing uneven has started his way of all your equipment given so you don't have a choice on things sons on joined the best equipment sometimes. It's not the best and the sides things and they get out. It would be so much better if you could have. This could have done this way. So sunny funny self coming out the other side career where you're affectively running the kit seven hours a day you know conditions you know what you want. What's good and what's missing. So then sunny be behind. The steering wheel have been arab impo those things. That's pretty cool. Yeah it's got to be pretty amazing to take your vision for what a bicycle should be and deliver it to the world. My my grandma's those li road forms disciplines and cycling. It does help when we need written bikes in every situation. A high level to know what they need for a former wise ever dynamics everything man you for those kind of get to know things on in he gets on the road. Can i was really tickled to learn about ribble as such a storied. Uk brand that. I hadn't heard of. I suppose i'd seen it in some races but it really didn't connect the dots until after i got introduced to it. Can you tell the listener triples history as a brand. This is actually a very our brand was originated in eighteen ninety seven so a pretty oh comes. From the north west of england's ribble name comes from ripple ribble valley business for generations changed hands of few times as we went into the twentieth century from important view growing up coming from family where officer way before online sales likely weekly magazine in the uk. Where page is always full of adverts rebels. Big out of taking the last two back pages of the magazine and it was one of the premium brand the uk food seventies eighties nineties. They would sponsor as some of the biggest late teams in the uk of national team sponsor. Give official basler olympics supply guys. Line boardman roy them for years previous to and before approach all career wiggins even so much guys have written rule over the years because they were one of the one of the big brands. And you come back in the air and then it sounded like in talking to you offline. That brand took a little dip as bicycle. Companies started to move from steel carbon and other materials and then it seems like over the last five. Six years has had a really big resurgence in the uk. Can you talk us through. What was going on their mouth. They let no just regular think is awfully quarter fast change. From still amendment brief period into titanium aluminium at least was far as votes butts concerns and then into common obviously when carbon come along as a material took away the ability for small builders as uk was full of small frame builders as well as the bigger brands. Light ribble anderson as you go to one of those forms of production of slavery thing when over so asia brands managed to dr rented it from the beginning. It made it harder for the smaller brands to be able to keep isis things a lot more expensive. Especially when you look back at the beginning of the calvin mode costs everything. Production costs were so much more expensive than they are now and nothing brands get lost through the nineties early two thousands but now things a lot more accessible to everyone and it's been how jumped to creating google not now rebels building out of all sorts of materials right. Yeah that's correct one. How kind of key. Us as is the fact that we offer so many materials across the same genre box. And i want to dig into the gravel series because that is clearly represented with aluminum carbon titanium. I did want to point out. That rebel has an exceptional web property. At this point it was really enjoyable going through the bike. Configure and in talking to one of your colleagues just learning about the sheer amount of customization. That is available and the amount of hand holding that. The team provides for an ecommerce experience.

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