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How things changed between freshman and senior year if you want a wider conversation on our expanded show. Good day internet. You never know where you're going to get on the internet either but you can know by becoming a member at patriot dot com slash gs. Let's start with a few things you should know are well. Apple's mac shipments in the first quarter experienced a year on year growth of thirty five point seven percent according to catalysts estimates sounds great however apple's market share of the computer market fell from twenty five percent in q one hundred twenty two nine thousand nine point five percent in the same quarter this year following from first to second place with hp leading all vendors in the us with over seven million devices shipped followed by lenovo and samsung reporting growth of ninety three and one hundred sixteen percent respectively google announcing a blog. Post that starting. In september will make five search provider options visible almost all android devices when people are setting them up and also make participation free for eligible search providers which will be displayed in random. Or so the. Google won't always show up first. The european commission said the tweaks were positive. Following it's twenty eighteen. Order that google offer more choice to rivals google stadia game streaming service will launch on chromecast with google tv june. Twenty third along with the number of android tv devices such as invidious shield. Tv unsupported device owners can opt into experimental support to play stadia need compatible bluetooth controller or google stadia controller to play. Bitcoin price fell almost eleven percent after a. Us government task force recovered. Most of the ransom paid too. Dirk side the cyber criminal gang that launch day cyber attack on colonial pipeline if investigators say they were able to access the private key of one of the hackers bitcoin wallets and these cyber security and security agency or ceaser has launched a vulnerability disclosure program allowing ethical hackers report security flaws to federal agencies. The platform will allow civilian federal agencies to receive triage and fix security vulnerabilities and will also help us share information about security flaws between other agencies. All right let's talk a little bit about some security flaws on the side of cyber operation so the australian federal police and the us fbi announced that a recent three year joint sting operation dubbed ironside lead to the arrest of more than eight hundred suspects in organized crime. All over the world the authorities used the encrypted device network and app called a nam. that's a nominal zero only available on customized phones that exclusively used the app as their own the communication platform so to phone burner phone. You're only doing one thing with it. There's no other information on this phone now. This let authorities read up to twenty five million messages in real time because the authorities were the ones behind it. Officials reportedly took control of a non back

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