A highlight from Joe Manchin vs. the Democratic Party


Joe manchin stands his ground in the face of a growingly impatient democratic party. We'll discuss that. Plus president trump's returned to the spotlight puts democracy under fire and finally another weekend of deadly. Gun violence is highlighting the stalled legislation on capitol hill. Yesterday west virginia democratic senator joe manchin came out with an op ed in the charleston gazette mail and there were two central conclusions one. He would not be supporting the for the people act which meant to expand voting rights and access and to he would not vote to remove the filibuster on the voting rights. Bill mansion said quote. I believe that partisan voting legislation will destroy already weakening binds of our democracy. And for that reason i will vote against the for the people act so mansion is sticking to his guns it comes to bipartisanship which is something. He has long touted but his party would argue that. It's not being met with good faith by the leadership on the other side and many democrats are frustrated with mansion and are no longer holding their tongues because as far as they see it the idea that republicans and democrats will see eye to eye on voting rights seems unimaginable given the slew of voting restriction bills pushed by the gop in recent weeks. Here's representative jamaal. Bowman of new york with a pretty sharp critique of the senator on cnn. Today joe mansion has become the new mitch. Mcconnell mitch mcconnell during obama's presidency said he would do everything in his power to stop obama and now joe mansion is doing everything in his power to stop democracy in. Stop our work for the people but this division within a democratic party essentially held hostage by mansion extends beyond voting rights mansions commitment to bipartisan legislation. Means that if democrats and the biden administration don't get the deal they want from republicans on something like infrastructure and are forced to go through reconciliation mansion gum up the entire process. Last friday president biden rejected a new counter offer made by republicans on infrastructure despite a fifty billion dollar increase in spending telling the gop's key negotiator that the new offer did not meet his policy goals. So even though president biden and republican negotiators senator. Capito are set to meet again today. The larger question looms at what point will democrats walk away from failing negotiations and choose to go this path alone and more critically will they be able to convince

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