A highlight from Ep 434 | The Women Against Trans Activism | Guest: Kathleen Stock


Hey guys welcome to relatable. Today i am talking to dr kathleen stock. She is a professor from the uk. She is a feminist. She is at progressive in many senses of the word and she has been pushing back against the so-called gender identity movement. She's got a very interesting perspective on this. Obviously she and. I are coming from two different places in our opposition to kind of what we see is the eraser of women and biological categories. I've got the christian. Conservative worldview and she has a different perspective in a different angle. Which i think is so valuable in. Ads adds a lot to our understanding of the subject to be able to understand it from every different perspective. I'm so i'm really really excited for you to hear this conversation without further ado here is dr kathleen stock doctors. Thank you so much for joining me. Can you tell everyone who you are. And what you deal My name's kathleen stock. I'm a professor of philosophy at a british university. The university of sussex and recently in the last two years i've started writing about sex and gender sex in the sense of biology and gender and is in cooled gender identity which is a increasingly common popular concept. So i've book coming out cool material goals. Why reality matches for feminism. Where i take on this idea of gender identity and Say that as both some philosophical problems with it and some practical problems with it that made me impact on women and children. Let's start with the philosophical problems with it. I think you. And i are probably coming from. From what i can tell to. Kind of different perspectives. We both see some similar problems with the gender identity movement. I'm a conservative christian. So i kind of have that perspective. You're coming at it from a different angle. So in your opinion what are the philosophical problems with gender identity movement. Okay yes so. I'm coming at it from i'm gay myself and i think i'm broadly speaking on the left although those very many different versions of the left and i'm certainly not on board with all of them so philosophically speaking so gender identity is we are told some kind of psychological fact about you that's invisible that potentially anyway be perceived by anyone else is detached from the way you dress what you wear how you modify your body. It's a feeling in your head and That in itself is problematic when gender identities thing that we're being told us opposed to get us access into certain spaces or access to certain resources. There's also additional problems around. There's a huge number of problems as you can imagine. Gender identity is being prioritized. The material facts biological sex because as a society we organize a lot of things around biological sex quite reasonably and the modern transact his movement says that we should de prioritize sex and we should prioritize this invisible feeling as the criteria politically and socially. So i can go into the many different areas where that causes problems. If you'd like. Yeah we definitely do that. I i'm curious to hear in your opinion how you think we got here. Seems like a we kind of accelerated this conversation about women's rights in recognizing the equal dignity of women into where we are now which is basically that we can't define a woman without being called a bigot and we can no longer have sex protected spaces. How did this happen. It seems like just in the last few years or was i just not paying attention before. Well it may be paying attention. But i think a lot of under the radar so i think the ground was softened up in the twentieth century partly through sutton academic movements which i think really regrettable so for instance within feminism. That was a move to say that woman who'd was some kind of social status and not a biological fact so we had was not adult human female hood but some social some kind of social presentation and they did that because they thought it would help. Avoid this problem. Political problem with what's called determinism. The idea that what your your sex determines way you should be in life and that women should be in in the home looking after children and not be in the universities being educated over so the cutting move the cunning plan on the twentieth century.

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