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Is he finds and talks to authors? You may not know, but authors that have gotten their foot on the author career path here. What they've done to get there and off, they want to go. Now settle down, it's time for a bit of inspiration and advice, listen to today's discovered Wordsmith. Welcome to episode 52 of the D. Discovered Wordsmith podcast. Now, I know I started at fifty with some special episodes and I put J thoughts there. He's a great friend, he's been a great mentor and coach for me this time for episode 52, which is the landmark first-year episode 52 weeks in a year. I am putting Jeff strand, so I didn't know which of these gentlemen to give which honor position to. So this is how it ended up, not that either of them will probably care which position they read off anyway. Jeff has become over the last couple of years. One of my favorite authors, I enjoy reading his stuff because it's a nice blend of tongue-in-cheek horror, and it makes me laugh and it's got just enough Supernatural elements that I'm interested in like reading it, it was interesting. The first book, I read of his just put me like left-field. It was in a tizzy as Like, what is this book at first? I couldn't figure it out that was Cyclops road. Then when it got to the part where there was like this giant troll coming out of the cave and this band of Misfits with like a ninja, a girl that was the feeding and it was just like, wow, this is such great stuff to read it reminded me a lot of the black horror movies. I used to watch and love with my friends and sitting to watch while still watch actually. And then I went on and read more of his books and I just devoured them. I've I'm starting to get almost all of his wage. So when I do meet him in person, I don't think I'm going to be able to buy anything at his table cuz I probably already will have everything so I'll probably get a double just to get his autograph. Take a listen to Jeff story because if you're an author there's a lot of good things to hear and inspiration here he was not an immediate breakout success. He was not a full-time author within a year or two of writing down. Not right, one or two books and then leave his job, you know, right away. For those of you that feel like, you know, the Imposter syndrome, you're the only one. He's got such a great story and what really drew me to Jeff. When I read his things, I'll tell you the story of why I first started talking to him. I found out when I looked him up after I read that first book and I was just kind of Blown Away at how much I enjoyed it and looked him up and found out that he lived in Kent which is like eight miles from where I live went to school at the same time and I know he went to school at the same time because he was born two days before I was, we're like almost exactly the same age and I just thought those coincidences were very interesting considering that. I enjoyed his book so much else that could help lead to why he's one of my favorite authors of all time now. So I was really happy to talk to Jeff and interview him. I was also very nervous wage Didn't think I'd be that nervous and at the end instead of taking a couple of minutes to chat with him. I made the mistake of saying, well, thanks for the interview click and I hit hang up and that was the end of the call. And I'm like, oh man. I shouldn't have done that and I felt bad and I could have got to talk to him a little more. So Jeff, if you're listening to this, just wait till I see you in person, I'll bite your head off. So sit back and relax and enjoy this episode of discovered Wordsmith with Jeff strand. Jeff, thank you much for coming on, talking with me, give people who are listening. That may not know who you are a little bit about you, your books, whatever you feel like sharing, I horror writer for the most part, I kind of bounced around, but I'm generally known as a horror writer with lots of humor. So I've written books. Like pressured. Dweller My Pretties Clowns versus spiders. I'm up to book number 50. So, I've been doing this for a very long time. Just your 50th birthday. Yeah, it was a good time. And, you know, I had to, I didn't shoot the numbers, but it's like, okay. Does a novella count? Yes, in the bill account, does a collaborative novel count? Yes. Account know. So if I didn't count chapbooks, but I counted the Villas and collaborative novels that I got it. 2:50 so nice. I had to cuz I thought 50th book on my fiftieth birthday was a pretty good tie-in. That's a good deal. I mean, it's it's, you're writing your book so, count it. Anyway, you want, right? Yeah. And then I've done some young adult books which are just pure comedies and then a couple of other pure comedies.

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