A highlight from Monday Post Show (6-7-21)


It's time for the bobby bones post show. Here's your host bobby friends. It's been awhile since we have been able to oppose show. We just been moving and shaking the jae busy and then it gets to be about new and we're like whatever nap. Honestly we get exhausted back for an extra po show today. Mike d who we did we talk about your wedding in the re regular show. Yeah did your wife was a weird caller wife. I'm not used to be. Yeah i to go live. And i was like that right. Yeah wife sound so official and real a take me a water used to it. Are you having second thoughts now or no. Did you wake up feeling different. I do feel different. Because there's just this feeling of it having the official title now and being legally bound that feels it just feels more real as the only way i can describe it. It's also harder for her to break up with you now. we're attached. we're legally ceylan. We get various going to be a lot harder for breaking up with me. Yeah you gotta jump to a few more hoops. It's like a guard is down some kind of way we were sitting at our table. At mike's wedding it was me caitlyn. Eddie his wife or friend of mine and his wife and they were like a mas dog. You gotta be somebody for like the rest of your life like. Is that crazy to you. And i'm like okay. I'm worried about her. Not wanting to be with me. More than i am me not wanting to be with her or sometimes you just check in. And he's still. You still like. I do that now. We still good like when you see. But yeah congratulations. thank you. you're not you are you wearing. I am wondering what is it. It is just like tungsten ring straight up. What color is like dark. Grey like charcoal dunno. Tungsten means i'd it's the material i guess. Oh it's not a brand no hard. Yeah it's pretty hard. Well congratulations you can hear a lot about the wedding coming up in the regular show or maybe you already heard about it. You said in the show that you watch three movies a day of your wedding. Yeah what did you watch. I watched a movie called paul. Which is the comedy about. It's like seth rogan voicing an alien who comes to earth you like it yeah twenty. Is it new. No that's an older movie. Okay and i watched a cabinet in the woods which is a horror movie and then the last movie we watched was deep lucy. What's that it's an older like sci fi movie about some really robotic sharks deal. You pick those movies for a reason now. We just had the sci-fi channel on oh so you just watch movies that were on. Yeah we just want to watch them. Random i see on hbo. Max there's a movie with angelina jolie where she's and i've watched it where she's like a firefighter or something. Yeah she's a smoke jumper. what a smoke jumper. So she likes sits at the top. Like a it's like a watch. Tower that overlooks the forest fire. She goes and takes care of it and that's called the smoke jumper. You watched it. Yeah those who wish me dead. Don't waste your time on it really. It's not good like the whole plotline is really muddy. I feel like she didn't really believe her own like performance in that movie for her not to do many movies now and to do that one. I was surprised by it about not good. it was. Are you surprised that she would see a script this late in her career knowing exactly what movies are good or and then be like. This is good and then do it. It'd be yeah you think she would do something. It would be at her highest level. If she's going to do any kind of movie right now watched it completely unimpressed by it wonder if she got paid for it. Oh she got a lot of money for it. Maybe that's why maybe you just go dot org what they're paying on money and who knows. It might be good after editing. That's how you talk yourself into it after editing okay. I'm in so what are you write it. I give it one point. Five voice fires one five maybe the lowest review given a movie a about fifteen minutes in. I was out but you still finished it. I watched the whole thing. You watched mayor town. I did i'll because you came in talking about it and you watched it a little bit. I'm not done yet. Okay where are you. Maybe three episodes in early tuesday. Don't spoil any anything way only watched it. We only started early because kayla was that picture looks good because we're just scrolling through picture picture that comes on the menu. Yeah so without saying too much. Just talk about your feelings about it. It's fantastic it is. It's so good. I i love mysteries like that. You know and and it's just one of those things. Where when i watch a mystery i'm constantly trying to i think everyone not unique in this but i'm constantly trying to solve the case as the show goes on and i'm telling you right now that there is no way that you're going to solve this case no way i don't want to hear that but you're not going to want to hear that the only want to hear that because i feel like i've got this can't because he's already said there's no way you're going to. You're not gonna sing all right but it's so good i think i think it. Why doesn't everybody get onto eddie. We're just just did more spoil anything for you. That's what i like going. Oh it's like when you watch him move around and like oh man the endings so crazy you're never even gonna realize it and you're like well. I wish you tell me that. Because maybe i'll feel like i realize it and then go. Whoa no. I'm just like any indicator at all. Yeah you're wasting your saying. We're wasting our time guessing when we're in the middle of the series now.

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