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It's the european championship group preview. On caught offside side from the suburbs of new york city apartment in brooklyn new york. It's the european championship group previews groups a b and c. What's up brother andrew. I'm so excited about this. I was just online and someone had tweeted the finish to one of the greatest european championship games. One of the greatest games. I ever seen euro two thousand spain four yugoslavia. Three i m pumped about this tournament. I said this before. I'll say it again. It might be my favorite tournament in football. That's a bold statement. Yeah we were already to do this a year ago around this time and then things happened and now yada yada yada here. We are a year later. The twenty twenty euros in the year. Two thousand twenty one. They're really sticking with that. Twenty twenty. They feel strongly about it too much. Branding i we're not going back to the drawing board on this. That is the tournament. We're having it's it's it's a good twenty twenty five for once we've got a lot to get to like i said we're going to be going through groups ab and see on this podcast. And then you'll get d e and f Couple days from now depending on when you're listening to this sometime probably on wednesday so this'll be abc. We'll go through them. We got a lot to get to here. It's gonna be fun. I'm really looking forward to this. It's know it's nice to have these like big international tournaments back. After last summer we were so excited for so many things and it all got put on hold justifiably so and like i'm so ready for it. I'm just like i feel very excited about this. And it should be fun before we get into the teens itself. Let's go through some just like the what you need to know about this tournament because it's a little bit different than what you're accustomed quite different. Let's be honest you're right you're right. I'm underselling single a little bit different because this tournament is going to be played in eleven cities across europe which is obviously far different than how this and most tournaments have been done previously Do you like that. I had never asked you really we. We've talked about that decision. But no i hated from from so many standpoints. I love like the coming together of a country where you get to learn about france you get to learn about belgium and holland in one tournament england at another germany you remember the by or member. England euro ninety six remember when we had the european championships in france I don't i'm not a. I'm not a fan of this. I i wholeheartedly agree with you. Yeah there's something about the unity of a for the world cup whole world or for the european championships in entire continent converging on one place. Everyone coming together for this one thing. There's something about that. That is cool to me and this is not even it's not fan-friendly anyway because of covid nineteen but it was never going to be found friendly from a cost point of view and also from an environmental standpoint. T the air miles are going to be quite something. I'm not saying that that all tournaments are environmentally friendly anyway. Essentially not one is is definitely not so So yeah it's it's spread out. But i do think that comes in. There won't be fans that are there will be fans but there won't be kind of on mass travel that we're used to for previous tournaments say for example northern ireland wales in the republic of ireland descending on france one country. You won't see that now so maybe we don't notice dot so much at home watching on the tv. As was the case five years ago tournament is going to be made up of the expanded twenty. Four team field Six groups top two from each group advance automatically as will the four best third-placed teams Important to remember that and wembley stadium in. London is going to host the semi finals on july sixth and seventh and the final as well on july eleventh the final jay's going to be held just over twenty five years from the figaro ninety-six final old wen-li lee stadium. That's right what a tournament. That was For twelve years of age at the time and and Sorry fourteen years of age that time on it was etched into my memory dot. I was in england for that tournament on it was special on. Anyone who remember your ninety-six has the same nostalgia. Yeah and we'll get into certain things like you know the betting favorites and things like that but just to throw in here with some of the other basic information. Last i saw i believe june. I was the last update. That i saw from william hill but france currently the reigning. World cup champions. They are currently. You're betting favorites. We will get to them in the part. Two of our group previews they are not in this part and we begin this part. Jj in alphabetical order and a is the first letter of the alphabet. And so we begin with group. A italy switzerland turkey and wales. Just some of the stuff that you need to know here Going by the. Espn does it. Soccer power index. We talk about that from time to time. We don't swear by it but it's a gauge going by that. This group is actually rated as the second toughest group in the tournament. And i can see that. I think it's surprising that is not outrageous. Right starting with italy roberto mancini.

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