A highlight from 3414: Funny That Way w/ Julia Scotti


Home welcomed keith. And the girl. I'm keith malley. I'm back and i'm alive in feels good and i have many things to tell you about. They did not die driving on vacation. This is amazing. I really. I was like oh. Why don't i have insurance with keith. Like he could die any second now. So it's good to see i. Yeah there's well there. There is a bunch of stuff that did happen. But today's packed. I have to tell you. First of all. July fourth is key from the girl dead. And what i like about. This is we say. Hey go out there with the keith. And the girl shirt or sticker or a pin let people know you listen to the show. You'll be surprised who else listens to it. meaning it started. Marriage is no exaggeration. A father and son That didn't really get alongside each other in the shirt that day. They had something to communicate about and now they're closer. It's very exciting and now we have new shirts for you. How about that checkout keith. And the girl dot com slash geared. Ge our and our buddy newsy made on new artwork. It's a design based on the history of keith and the girl that includes the daddy. Males wave punching. I just got that one for myself. Who are bummer news. The list goes on zirk. Took that art turned it into gear and we have it for you. Mugs pants bags so much. More colors all sizes. I love it. i love. I love that. It's the history and it's one of those i think there's like twenty five different images on it and you're like well. I remember when i heard the way punching. I or does a little pot with me in the face on the and i'm not even describing it right but it's a pothead get it. It's so cute. And he's been around pretty much the entire time personally and listening through the show. So it's it's such a fun show. We're calling the history of in the girl shirt and you can pick a collage of all of them or individual ones. Go to keith. And the girl dot com slash gear g. e. a. r. One of them is the original ipod. With the scroll wheel and it says since two thousand five which is crazy we did podcasting bef- when it still had the scroll wheel the ipod or i tunes didn't have a podcasting section. Never mind its own app now. I love I love these. These designs and i think you will too. For example i mentioned the wave punching one where you know and i say you go to the beach. You're in the water punt some waves. Slow down these hurricane. Slowdown these tornadoes. Start making it. So bad for everybody. this person kyle punt so many ways today for keith. Well people say do things for yourself but why would you give enough going on. Do it for me do it for me. You're at the beach. You throw some punches. They're also we mentioned be subscribe to our youtube. Go to youtube Look keith and the girl. We put a silent trailers up there for you. That's what saturday night lives bowen yang. The state's kevin. Allison npr's affair eisenberg the black guy who tips rod moro and and we have some listeners that jump in and play silence trailers. Also it's the greatest game show ever made and you can see it for free right there on youtube. Okay now. let's get to today's main attraction. Ready folks yeah hell yeah. The documentary is called. Funny that way. Because scotty funny that way and guess who the guest is today the guest. That's about to turn off their phone. Ladies gentlemen and people that aren't dorks and dole fit into the binary spectrum julius scotty. I'm sorry about that. i thought i had it off. I was just ordering my keith and the girl merchandise you did the right thing. I'm going to hold it against me. That's fair julia. Good to see you how you doing good to be seen. Thank you can have the break earthquakes. Okay right. I had no idea that you had such a long story. We've been doing it for a bit but we're talking. I thank you already know that story. I gonna talk about you. This documentary is very well produced very well put together and i hope you're proud of it very crowded. I really personally. I was not involved in the production part of it. I don't you know that's the that susan sandler. She's the director. She's the producer. She did everything from the She deserves all kudos. Well thank you alpes at along to he'd starts. It starts right away saying this. The story you're going to get into a comedian who after three marriages To women or during the third one rather just to speed things up. I realized the they wanna be a transgender woman. And then you start you start getting into the actual store the the first wife you don't really talk about. I think it's the only way if you don't mention her name is that right okay. There's rationing i'd rather not even that so we just don't pass was nice talking all kid is this okay ask did you ask them to be in the documentary or you know i really don't wanna talk about okay in the in the movie you do say that you got married the first one to upset your mom you think. That's that that i can tell you for sure. I when we do things like that. I think you know as younger people. We don't know that our moms will be upset. No matter what so just do. I know i know my brothers have taken a more of regular road for my parents like the stuff that they did is a little more okay but the parents are still like okay. You got married great. You got married. Where the first kid okay. You've got the first kid. Where's the second kid you got. So it's it's always like But just your life alone will be the rebellion parents. My life is more yeah. My life is the rebellion. parents grandparents. Great grandparents from the beginning of time. Yeah i i was struggling a lot with identity for most of my life childhood adult the religious looking to figure what was in. We like to say italian. I felt still not. I'm out of tune. And i didn't understand what was did. Are your parents still around this. What a killed them right. So then you talk about the the second wife susan. And she's the mother of the two children that are documentaries. And dan i how how how they feel when they saw the final product of the documentary. Don't know why do i haven't spoken to them about it. I didn't like it. i don't wanna. I don't wanna know if they liked it. I just want to know if it comes up. We'll talk about it but my focus is on my relationship with them not on you know i find that when you talk of a comedy like with my son's really he's a writer and everything so we we We talk about comedy because we have differing views on. what's funny. What is gonna take your work home with you. So you don't exactly. And i did. I you know and we've been rebuilding this relationship for quite a while now so i just enjoyed being.

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