Texas Plane Crash That Killed 10 Was Pilot Error


The first thing. we're going to talk about. We have talked about this accident previous at least on a previous episode maybe episodes And they now have a. I think it's the final report has an Yeah don't report so. This accident occurred back in june of two thousand nineteen so almost two years ago The failure of a pilot from the ntsb dot gov a press release from them the failure of pilot to control an airplane following the loss of thrust him one of two engines just seconds after takeoff led to the fatal crash of a general aviation airplane in texas. The national transportation safety board said in a report published tuesday. A textron aviation be three hundred also known as king air. Three fifty crashed into an aircraft hangar. Seventeen seconds after lifting off runway at. Addison airport at in texas on june thirtieth. Twenty nineteen th. The accident killed both pilots and all eight passengers. The personal flight on the privately owned airplane was bound for saint petersburg florida. Investigators analyzed flight track data broadcast by the airplane video from multiple cameras on on and off the airport as well as the known flight. Performance data and characteristics of the airplane to recreate the accident flight path and determine the airplanes position speed altitude and roll angles. The ntsb said in its report that after the left engine lost. Almost all thrust several seconds after takeoff. The pilot responded to the emergency with left rudder input the opposite action of what the emergency call for seconds later. The pilot applied right rudder. But by that point the airplane was rolling inverted and there was insufficient altitude for recovery.

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