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Was the president speaking at arlington national cemetery for memorial day yesterday. It's good to have you on board this morning. Good morning and welcome to morning joe. It is tuesday. June first along with joe willie and me we have. Msnbc contributor mike barnicle member of the new york times editorial board mara gaye and white house reporter for the associated press. john's lemaire doing double duty this morning early. So a couple of things first of all. It's it's come all my god. I'm sorry he when did that happen. I middle of february. I really i need to read the paper a little bit more and look on let's calendar. Let's look on sad like this is it's incredible. You know of course where we are. All the time at the top of our thirty rock never left new york. Yeah but that onset and we'll we'll see there. I think some some point. How is memorial day. Willie how was your memorial day would be well i. Unfortunately i spent most of it watching the yankees swept by the lowly detroit tigers in plummet to five and a half games back in the so. It was a cold rainy memorial day here in the new york area for many reasons. But i'm excited. I'm lifted up today by being around the table by these two guys. It's been a year and a half almost since we've had a group this big around the table so things are coming back all right guy today and tomorrow it's gonna be like mardi gras. We're going to be around the table. We're going to have a yes. We're throwing beads. It's going to be fantastic mike. How's your memorial day weekend. what did you do. It was cold but it was wonderful because memorial day is one of a favorite days of the year at hearkens back to brings back so many memories of growing up day was much bigger day in the sense of memory than it is today but it was wonderful. It was wonderful to be with the grandchildren. My kids we were all together. Can't ask for anything much more than that. No way jonathan here. I spent in the cradle of liberty wilmington delaware on

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