Grief and Horror as Bodies of 215 Native Children Discovered


Canadians are in shock after the recent grim discovery of the remains of two hundred and fifteen children on the site of a former residential school in british columbia. The remains were found using ground penetrating radar as dan carpet chuck reports. The discovery has led to memorials across the country. Memorials began springing up across the country to honor the two hundred and fifty native children who died at the kamloops residential school. Hundreds of pairs of shoes were lined up on the steps of the vancouver art gallery by local artists. Tamara bell as a tribute to those whose remains were recently found a child. I love never coming home and not getting an answer. I every single mother. you don't have to be native. you don't have to be anything you just have to be a human being to understand that. There's a huge legacy in canada. There's so painful but this one was so hard because it's children children's shoes were also placed on the front steps of canada's oldest residential school in brantford ontario. Here's organizers charlene. Hemlock part of this too is our call to accountability and justice for our missing and murdered children. Prime minister justin trudeau ordered flags at government buildings across the country to be lowered to half-mast officials in toronto said municipal buildings. There would have their flags lowered for two hundred and fifteen hours an hour for each of the children who died roseanne kazimierz the chief of the to come to first nation in british columbia. She talks about arriving on the scene where the remains were found. I was taken back. I was shocked and so when it was shared with me that these children are children. You know from our community children from our brother and sister consultants and other communities. It was devastating. It was it was actually quite mind. Boggling and You know. I it some of us to tears and we. I was surprised. I was heartbroken.

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