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Though seventy five percent of mining is thought to come from china and chinese miners appear to be involved in the curb. Tiktok change the text to speech voice after a lawsuit filed by voice actor. bev standing claims. She never agreed to work with bytedance in that capacity. Only that her recordings were meant to be used for translations a new text to speech voices already running on tiktok well videos created before the change. Continue to use the old voice. Florida governor ron descent signed a bill regulating. How social media companies moderate speech online. That that's not that's not the new tiktok was but for the governor onto santa's did sign a bill regulating how social media companies moderate speech online platforms are required to detail how they reach moderation decisions and users are able to sue the platform if they feel. The decision was made unfairly. And we're starting betting pool for how long it will take for this to be struck down in the courts owners. A first gen nest hub may or may not notice a change today as google rolls out fuchsia. Oh apps for the first time replacing the lyrics spaced casto s under the hood. They'll be no changes to the ui or app functionality. At least at this point and the rollout will proceed over the next several months. Starting with those enrolled in the preview program in the first few show is like what another operating system. It's going to be so confusing and it turns out the first use of it is something almost unnoticeable because they were using another for these things on the desktop that nobody even realized. hey it's out there though real fuchsia. Let's talk a little more about the epic apple trial. It closed monday and now judge von gonzales. Rodgers will take what is likely months to review the four thousand five hundred pages of testimony and make her bench decision. What she decides will likely be appealed. But it's still important because it's going to set the tone and possibly narrow the room to maneuver in future cases antitrust rulings from federal district court. They're also rare so no matter what this one will carry a lot of weight just in how people think about this stuff all right. What will make the decision. The key to this is what the market is once. The judge determines that she can decide if there was a base of that if there was a a monopoly use of that market and if so what. The remedy should be apple argued. The market is gaming as a whole in which case. It's not a monopoly right. If you buy apples argument it's like yeah. There's lots of gaming operating systems. Lots of games stores out there. Epic argued that itself is a market because of size and lock in. And there's precedent for that. It's not ridiculous argument to today. And therefore if it is a market apple excluding other app stores could be seen as abusing its monopoly position. The judge might also pick something in between the judge might say i think mobile gaming is the market which would have some leeway if apple convince the judge. That gaming is the market. There's no monopoly. No need for a remedy. That'll be simple. However if the judge is convinced of any monopolization by apple at all here are the possible remedies. The judge could choose the most drastic apple to open up to other app stores. The medium remedy would be to force apple to allow offer their own payment systems. Instead of just offering apples like you can now and the most limited remedy would be to force apple to let developers mention that other payments systems are available elsewhere on the web right now. Apple doesn't even allow you to say that in your app. It's not obvious how the judge is going to rule. She said apple's profits from game makers look disproportionate but she also pointed out that. If epic wins it's going to go from a multibillion dollar company to a multi trillion dollar company. Those are her words she also pointed out the courts. Don't run businesses show. She didn't seem to be picking aside however in one area. She did seem a little more interested. And that was in. Apple's reasoning for not letting developers mentioned alternative ways of paying. She said quote. Apple's hiding of that information in a way that is not directly reflected to the consumer seems to be anticompetitive and after all the appeals are. Done no matter how she rules. Somebody's gonna win. What are the consequences gonna be. Well if apple wins this in the end regulators will see this as a setback and it probably will make them wanna push for new legislation if epic wins. It's a release valve on some of the antitrust pressure on tech companies it might also encourage more lawsuits both against apple and others. And don't forget there's an epoch lawsuit sitting out there waiting for the resolution of this one because if apple is only forced to add in app payments while google could easily do that said a lot of cord if apple wins entirely though epochs likely to take google to court while they appeal apple or they might wait for the whole apple thing to finish which will take years. Sarah would what if you had to guess. I mean neither one of us have any specific insight and how this judge is going roll. I don't even know if the judge knows how she's going to rule but would you say forty five hundred pages of testimony. It's gonna take a minute. If i had to guess i mean i think apple arguing. That gaming is the market. Way too broads. That's i don't know. I mean sure. Maybe we'll get a get a win there. But but i really doubt it Ios itself as a market is actually a pretty good argument. On epic's case. I think but if i had to put money on it i would say that apple will be forced to let developers tell people that there's another place that they can You know by a something that is being offered by the developer. That is in the iowa store. And that's how they found it. That seems like a fair at not a fair trade epoca's arguing for you know for a lot more but that seems like just the baseline of yeah. Why can't you. You know that is kind of anticompetitive that that that would be. That would be my guest here. I don't think apple's going to be forced to do much more than this H just you know it's apple and and you know they. They got strong legal team. But that that would be that. That is my prediction. Yeah i think i'm with you on. That epic is that the judge was swayed. Epoch is being unduly harm. she's like y'all are making plenty of money over there and the judge isn't trying to make anybody happy. The judge is trying to interpret the law and say okay. How does the law apply here. It's always misinterpreted and court cases. It's the judge isn't rooting for anybody. That she's just like okay. What does the law say. And how does what you say apply. You're all trying to trick me into applying the law. But i'm going to try to look through what you said and find the facts. She did a really good job of that. She definitely thinks. I think you're right that not letting developers say there's an outside. Payment is wrong. The i guess the only question will be. Can she find a legal justification for forcing apple to do that. I would absolutely expect her in her decision to take apple to task for that. But i could see her saying however there's nothing in the law that says you have to so i'm not gonna make you do it however if she can't find a legal justification for it i bet bet she will. I bet you will order apple to do that. But it doesn't seem like epic is a clear winner at this point.

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