Behind The Conjuring: The Brookfield House

Haunted Places


Ruby wasn't going to let the winter storm outside ruin her evening routine. She microwave. Tb dinner poured a glass of boxed wine and settled into her armchair to watch a rerun of the price is right when you're in your seventies. It's the simple pleasures that gets you through a winter in connecticut but as the game shows theme song bobbled on television. The rain started to pelt the window next to her. She hoped it wouldn't wake her twelve year. old grandson. billy. She had just put him to bed lately he had trouble sleeping and rubies daughter. Sarah was worried about it. Sarah was always fussing over. Billy's odd behavior and tantrums ruby. Thought she was coddling. If sarah wasn't careful. Billy would become spoiled. Monster ruby immediately felt bad at the thought. Billy was a sweet boy but she reason there are monsters all of us. It's just a question of what coaxes them out. Ruby hurts. something stirred down the hall. Billy she thought the rain must have woken him up. She grunted She called herself to her feet to go check on him but when she stood up she saw he was already in the room. Billy stood in the doorway. Was something strange about him. His body was rooted in place. Impossibly still his chin was pressed against his chest forcing his dark is to strain to look at her but chill rushed up ruby spine. She asked if he was okay but he didn't answer instead. He revealed his hand. He was holding a knife and a maniacal look at its is told rupee he meant to use it.

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