A highlight from Inconvenient Truths (with Barbara Comstock)


True crime podcast. There are a lot of fun but there zillions of out there. So how do you pick which one to listen to you. Go with the experts and the generation y. Podcast has true crimes. Very best host and true crime fanatics just an errand. We're one of the first to crime. Podcast out there. Their mission for almost ten years pioneers ten years has been to explore hundreds of unsolved murders and conspiracy theories. They're dig through evidence. Give their takes and ask the hard questions. And no case is too big or small. In one of their latest episodes. Aaron and justin profile mysterious death from two thousand four alonzo brooks was a young black man who went to a party with some friends in a rural area near their homes but when his friends left the party without him that night he never returned home. The next day a month later he was found dead without any clear indication that his death was a result of foul play but in july twenty twenty. The fbi has reclassified his manner of death to homicide. And there's even evidence that his death was a hate crime was the fbi. No now and how they begin to solve this almost twenty year old murder case. You know this is an important case and this is exactly the kind of true crime case you wanna learn about how they get it wrong at first then take another shot with modern technology and you know hopefully bring justice absolutely so listen to wonder is the generation y. Podcast on apple podcasts. Amazon music or listen ad free by joining wondering plus one-day app wondering w. o. n. d. e. r. y. wondering. Feel the story.

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