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Fix and health experts. Look for answers. All eyes turned to a company at the heart of this new epidemic a silicon valley startup named jewel jewel was founded to create an ipod like device that could provide a safer alternative to smoking but their pitch perfect marketing campaign high levels of nicotine and social media influence or endorsements attracted users of all ages within a couple of years. Teenagers were getting addicted was as an accident or did ambition blind them to the unintended consequences of what they created putting millions at risk. I'm about to play you a preview of the vaping fix while you're listening. Follow the vaping fix on amazon music apple podcasts. Or you can listen early and add free by starting your free trial of one. Plus in the wendy app it was a rainy day. In orangeburg new york in two thousand eighteen gianluca rescue was hanging out in his college dorm room between classes. An italian flag hung on the wall above his bed as a homage to his italian family back in connecticut north haven is all italians so most of them are actually from the same area in italy so everyone always says when they see me around town. Who am. i not related to john. Luka was a sophomore nursing major his courses and exams could be intense but he felt unusually tired and just not really myself. Like i didn't really have much energy in me to do anything that day and it felt almost like i had a cold to there was a heaviness in his lung. Felt like almost like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. And i was just trying to take like deep breaths like extremely depressed to see if that would kind clear it up. I didn't work. Maybe i just need a yawn and maybe that'll like helper. Try coughing it out or something like that. But none of it gave him relief so he turned to the thing that had been his source of comfort his electronic cigarette without thinking he took a puff. And then that's when. I felt like i felt like i just couldn't breathe in and it felt like my airway was just light close in may lungs felt like they were on fire and i was just like coughing. His face began to turn bright. Red right roommate. I'll never forget looked at me. Like oh my god like what's wrong with you. He got so scared he actually called nine one one. Because that's when i started to kind of go out of it because i couldn't stop coughing and then everything went black. Just hear the ambulance jailed around going over all these bombs set. I hear the sirens blaring. And i hear the paramedic telling me like. Oh wake up. Wake up. He was in the back of an ambulance. There was paramedic in the tea. As well and i had this big oxygen mask on. I just was terrified. Like oh my god. I'm gonna dot. When we got to the hospital. They rushed me right in. And i was surrounded by a doctor and a few other nurses it was just like pure chaos in this room right now and you hear like the oxygen folowing like one hundred percent. The doctor began asking him questions for dealing drugs. He's like you just need to tell me what you took. Because god forbid you diary now and i don't know what is wrong because you need to be honest and truthful with me because someone your age. This doesn't just happen to just because gianluca told him. I haven't taken any drugs and then that's when the question came about bathing most like will i do. He's what are you use as it's called the jewel and he wasn't the only one a warning for parents tonight. Do you know if your child is juuling. At school across the country high school students have become hooked on a device straight out of silicon valley. The other big story tonight a disturbing study out about teens and vaping and it shows a significant jump nearly doubling the number from last year in the number of kids that are actually using. These nicotine devices ended up becoming my oxygen. I couldn't live without it. I needed it all the time. Every day it would set gianluca and so many others on a path to the highest offices in the land. They wrote an email saying. Don't worry girls we're gonna share this story in front of a congressional committee another topic. That of mind is team. Tobacco use ended up. And the cdc is blaming who else but jewel. The white house is calling for a ban on nearly all flavored e cigarettes these are the flavors that have started this epidemic among young people and on a collision course with the men behind. It is james mounties. Adam bowen and i founded jewel labs. We're going to take on big tobacco and been killing people on lying about it for a hundred years. I said to myself this is going to be big challenge for me to manage genes through this. There's no managing james. I remember thinking those smart mother efforts. They probably did this on purpose. We never wanted any non nicotine user and certainly nobody underage to ever use jewel products. I just wanna tell you. I've been involved with public health for a long time in the bay area. Music sir earn example to me of the worst the bay area. I just remember like my heart stopped seeing froze and i was staring at them when they came in. And i was just like wow like. That's the people right there that sat me down my spiral and not even care about it. Listen to the vaping.

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