Microsoft Teams Gets a Ton of New Features at Build 2021


Microsoft teams has one hundred forty five million daily active users. Now so it's big fluid components in teams check can let us or send messages with like a table. Action item or lists those can even be collaboratively edited in chat fluid components can be copied and pasted now as well debs also get real time access to audio video streams if they wanna do programs that do transcription or translation. Other things like that there will also be some low code. Integrations with azure and edmonds will be able to buy third party app license. Subscriptions in the team's app store. Microsoft outlook on the web is getting message. Extensions tasks and microsoft graph can now index third party data. And have it appear in. Your company's internal search companies can also use graft add more information from more sources to employee profile. So it makes it easier for you to find the right person and know more about them in your your company intranet.

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